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Mag-10 Question...

I’m currently 18 years old, 6’2", around 190 pounds. I’m going to begin the MAG-10 plan for success tomorrow, following the instructions perfectly, what should I expect? I’m looking to get to around 205-210 pounds by the end of the summer, but I’m also looking to drop my 40 time a little bit, will the rapid weight gain from Mag-10 cause me to loose speed and quickness?

20 lbs over the summer will be pretty tough unless you plan to gain some fat as well. I know you won’t want to hear it, but at your age, you probably don’t even need the Mag-10. Lots of good food and heavy training should do fine, but I know I wouldn’t have listened to that kind of advice when I was 18. Do the cycle as recommended and be sure to keep training heavy when the cycle is over to keep the strength gains. Keep the diet locked on and maybe have a seperate training day where you just work on the sprints… preferably not too soon before or after a lower body workout. You could try an anti-bodybuilding appraoch (Chad Waterbury) and have two upper body and two lower body workouts per week using your sprinting in conjunction with one of the lower body workouts. Good luck!

I’ll add a little to Gary’s Post:
Make sure to use John Berardi’s massive eating protocols as well. Massive eating combined with a double dose cycle of mag-10 put roughly 20 pounds on me in just three weeks. The goal you have set is perfectly attainable, but hopefully you won’t run into financial problems as it is expensive.

Yeah, a double dose of the Mag10 (firewater) would be even better… forgot to mention that.