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MAG-10 question

I was wondering, in your opinion, which would be a better route for muscle gains…

A.) Double-dose of MAG-10 for 2 weeks with nothing post-cycle (ie Tribex, M)


B.) Single-dose of MAG-10 for 2 weeks with M and Tribex post-cycle.

This may seem like a dumb-assed question but I did a single-dose cycle of MAG-10 earlier this year with no noticeable side-effects. So I’m wondering if the double-dose of MAG-10 would provide any side-effects (noticeable or not) moreso than a single-dose. Thanks.

I wouldn’t worry too much about side effects, I’m actually about to begin a two week cycle of Mag10 (double dose/day) followed immediately by a two week 4AD (double dose, see Cy’s Neverending cycle article for my reasoning behind all this) and will probably use M, Tribex, and Methoxy for at least the next 3 weeks after that just to be safe, but for only two weeks of Mag10 you’ll be fine as for as side effects although I would recomend Methoxy or Tribex post cycle anyway just to help retain gains.

Unless you’re worried about doing another cycle, I would go with your first option. For another perspective, I’ve tried a 3 week, 1.5 dose cycle with nor recovery agents (ie Tribex and M) and was fine. good gains too.

I’d do two, 2-week cycles at 1dose/day.

I agree with what Ike said but since that wasn’t one of the options…I left it off. I mean, come on, when there’s a test, do you write in another answer if you don’t think the right one is there. Ike, seriously, come on bro. OK, now that I have the joking out of my system…

Another way (if we’re talking about the best scenerios here)
with single dose on the “on” weeks and ttibex/m during off weeks.

How do you know for sure that you’re fine not taking anything at the end of your cycle? Why not be safe and just take your M and or Tribex and be done with it? No sense risking your gains.

I’m with Ike.


I’ll assume that your query was directed at me, with me saying that I was fine after my Mag-10 cycle. Tribex and M aren’t used post cycle to cement your gains. They are used to facilitate endocrine recovery which allows you to cut the MAG-10 “off” period in half, from four weeks to two weeks. So, if you’re not doing another cycle afterwards (as I mentioned I wasn’t doing another cycle after doing 1.5 doses for 3 weeks) then it is a good idea to use Tirbex/M, but not essential to keep your gains.

the thing about taking 2 doses in a day is that everyone is different. some people will see better results taking 2 doses some will see the same results taking 1 dose. as for taking mag 10 for 2 weeks and then 4-ed-ec the next 2 weeks i would suggest that you take off for a whole month to give your body rest. the same if you were going to take mag 10 for 4 weeks. other wise your body will get over loated and could cause your body to become imune to it. the best way to take it that i’ve found is taking mag 10 2 weeks on then 2 weeks off take tribex and m, methoxy 7 would also help while taking tribex and m.
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