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MAG-10 Question


Hey i intend to drink MAG-10 with my pre-workout carbs. The problem is, i use karbolyn which says to consume 30-45 before training. Given this time window and the speedy nature of casein hydrosylate, will the blood levels of amino's have returned to baseline by the end of the 45 minutes? I dont want to initiate training after a "protein pulse" with no aminos in the blood.

My proposed solution if this is the case is to add MAG-10 to my during workout shake as well to keep amino's in blood high while training.



I think Christian mentioned something about the levels of amino acids being elevated for about an hour after drinking MAG-10. I'm not completely sure about that, since it may have been many months ago. That would mean that having MAG-10 45 minutes before training and none during is far from ideal.

The general recommendation with MAG-10 (as well as Anaconda/SWF) is to start drinking about 20 minutes before training and finish drinking 20 minutes after you finish training (although myself, and I believe many others, finish it roughly with the last set).

You could for example have 1 scoop 20 minutes before and 2 scoops during / immediately after.

What is your during workout shake like right now?

By the way, I've never used Karbolyn, so I can't comment on how well it works, but I would suggest using MAG-10 with SWF, if only because they were designed to work together. You can just mix 2-4 scoops MAG-10, 2-5 scoops SWF (and a scoop of Anaconda would be nice too) together, start drinking about 20 minutes before training and drink it throughout the session.



For a carb source you could also use dextrose then they can be taken at the same time both very fast acting


Am I right in saying that karbolyn is basically just waxy maize? To be honest you can take that just before or during without determent to workouts. personally i wouldnt take anything that fast that far out of a workout anyway regardless of instructions.