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Mag-10 question

I’m doing a Mag-10 2 week cycle now, to be followed by two weeks of Tribex and M. Then I would like to do another two weeks of Mag-10, but not follow it with Tribex or M (because I can’t really afford it). Is this okay to do this, as long as I don’t do another Mag-10 cycle within a month, right? Just checking to make sure. thanks for the help.

You will be OK. Two week Mag 10 cycles are will below the radar on side effects.

Without the Tribex and M/Vitex, natural T levels will be slower to recover. But, yes, provided that you wait a month between Mag-10 cycles, you should be fine.

From what I understand, it’d be okay but not optimal. Maybe in a month you’ll have the $ to be able to get another round of Tribex and M?