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MAG-10 Question


I couldn't find any answers on other forums based on my question, I have a question about MAG-10, so 10 mins before i train i drink 475ml of MAG-10, 10 mins after i start training i drink another 475, and after finishing my whole day's workout i drink the rest, but i was wondering if i could add another protein shake+creatine, my protein shakes nutrition fact is: 60g carb, 50g protein, i add 2 scoops of my protein with 16 oz of juice, so i can spike my insulin for better absorption on creatine. Thanks.


...It's good you're not worried about very trivial stuff and focusing on the really important stuff...

Oh well, merry X-mas :slightly_smiling:


When did you plan on adding this other shake? I'd stick to the MAG-10 and just eat real food afterwards.


Post some pics and we will let you know whether it's an issue


fine, and i just recenly thought of adding another shake to it, guys i dont know how powerful can MAG-10 be cuz its my first time using it, so i really need the advice. thanks.





that sounds like you are referring to the "pulse fast"...

or are you just talking about a normal eating day w/ whole foods?


i meant for my post workout, when i finish the rest of the MAG-10 can i still jug down another protein shake w/ creatine?


FWIW, i have a whey+creatine shake about 45 min post workout and have MAG-10 during. seems to be working just fine. the protein itself should be enough to spike your insulin with the creatine. if you want some carbs, by all means go for it, but they're redundant as far as spiking insulin goes.


yeah that would be fine. you would probably want to wait at least 20 mins after you finish the MAG-10 to drink the other shake though


Thanks. I'll prolly give it out around 15-30 mins.