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Mag 10 Question for Bill

I have been staring at my bottles of mag 10 wanting to start the cycle. Here is my dilema I have noticed that my libido has been on the low end the last 3 months and I have been gaining fat easy So I have been hesitant to start my cycle. If I do mag 10 jack my calories up and start loving life again (sexdrive) working out, am I gonna further screw things up because my T levels are not functioning normally to begin with. Or will Mag 10 get me producing T again, and then when I do a cycle of tribex and M I should be home free. Because right now the tribex and M are not doing the job to increase my libido. I am afraid I will screw my self up worse down the line?


I don’t think the MAG-10 would screw you up down the line, but it would be smart I think to evaluate where you are right now and either, we hope, get things right now, or to try all that can be tried and if it doesn’t work, then at least there’s not the confusion of wondering whether the androgen cycle caused the problem or not.

In other words, see where T and E levels
are, and go from there, using appropriate
drugs (e.g. Arimidex for high estrogen, or Clomid for low testosterone, or HCG if Clomid does not work even after many months.)