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Mag 10 quesion for Bill

I am 43 and use prescribed Androgel daily. My testosterone tested low a couple of years ago (217) and I’ve used either patches or gel since. I used Mag 10 for two weeks, one cap-twice daily (12 pound gain in two weeks, thank you) and am now using Androsol for cutting. (35 sprays in the AM) Because I have a base level of testosterone with the Androgel, couldn’t I choose to use a long run on the Mag 10? I am thinking 12 weeks. I am assuming I will be on the androgel or something similar for the rest of my life, what would be the risk?

If you chose to use MAG-10 on an ongoing basis instead of cycled, I still wouldn’t want to take more total androgen per year than I would when cycled. In other words, if “on” all the time instead of 1/3 the time, I’d want the
dosage to be 1/3 as much, or, 1/2 cap per day.