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Mag-10 Pulse Feast

I haven’t seen much about Pulse Feast in the forums recently. I am beginning my Pulse Feast tomorrow (product arriving today).

Starting weight 375, as of April 2016 I was 252lbs, cut out excessive cardio, focused on intensifying weight sessions, protein/nutrition, currently 264. Want to drop down to 220.

I will be following the basic protocol:

Monday/Friday (w/ trainer):
7am: Pulse 1
10:30am: Indigo
10:45am: Plazma
11:00am: Plazma during workout
3pm: Pulse 2
6:30pm: Indigo
7pm: feast (mostly chicken, eggs cooked in coconut oil, avocado, sweet potato, spinach salad, etc…)

7am: Pulse 1
12: Pulse 2
4:30pm: Indigo
4:45pm: Plazma
5pm: plazma during workout
7pm: feast (mostly chicken, eggs in coconut oil, avocado, sweet potato, spinach salad, etc…)

Day off, pulse every 4hrs and feast at 7pm

Please provide any input/advice you recommend. I will be drinking 1-1.5 gallons of water daily. Taking fish oil pills, vitamin d, a pre-workout on Mondays/Friday’s, possibly Spike or Eat The Bear pre-workout as long as ingrediants don’t overlap.

I am beginning the 40 rep workout plan released by TNation. I’ll do this for the month of June and reevaluate at the end of the month.

Couple quick questions:

I won’t be receiving my Plazma until June 6th. I currently take Karbolyn during workout for recovery. Can I continue to use the karbolyn until the plazma arrives or just pulse again?

To avoid over using Pre-WO’s, I use Optimum Nutritions Amino Energy. I use this in place of coffee and for evening workouts for that extra kick to get it done. Because there is an amino profile in the amino energy, am I ok to still take this in the morning/afternoon/evening or will it not work well with the Mag-10?

Recommend any other “pick me ups” if Amino Energy can’t be used? I am ordering brain candy as well.

Looking forward to your thoughts.

Since January, there’s been the separate Biotest forum specifically for discussing the best ways to use Biotest supps. We try to keep discussions about them over there.

After looking that the label of that stuff (50g carbs, zero protein/aminos), I’d do 1-2 scoops of Mag-10 instead.

I thought I tackled that question before, but if it’s just aminos, it’s fine and won’t be an issue. Unnecessary, at best, but not a major issue.

I actually received the Plazma in the mail today so I am good to go.

I wasn’t really clear on your decision on taking the Amino Energy. Your response was:

“If it’s just amino acids (like BCAAs) and some kind of stimulant, it wouldn’t “negate” Mag-10. If anything it’d just be redundant. I took a quick look at those two and they’re meh.”

I wouldn’t be taking Amino Energy with the Mag-10, I would be taking it throughout the day as needed and it seems that the point is to get away from keeping a constant amino level in the blood. So maybe I just put it on the shelf and go back to good ol’ black coffee, spike, and/or brain candy. No problem.