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MAG-10 Pulse Fast


Do you recommend that each person figure out what diet they want to pair with this approach on their own, or have you come up with any generalized conclusions/recommendations about calorie ranges or dietary strategies that seem to work well across the board? I'm sure more info will come out in the near future, but if you wish you can elaborate here.

The approach looks pretty cool! Thanks CT, Biotest and Co. I'm definitely going to give this a go. I'll chime in with my results in my training log or something.


BPT, I don't know if you're trying to start a general MAG-10 Pulse Fast thread for Coach to answer questions, but here's mine:


Better to train, on the day of the fast:

"@ therajraj From experience it works best if you workout on the fast days. "


The day after?

"Coming off a pulse fast the body is primed to suck nutrients into muscle and to not store body fat. So take full advantage of this enhanced physiology by following effective dietary and training strategies, and really load up on the peri-workout nutrients.

This is especially true for the first day after the pulse fast, where you'll get a profound rebound effect. To really take advantage of the effect, you'll want to increase training volume, and if you can do it, train twice that day. You'll also want to use extra ANACONDA, MAG-10, and Workout Fuel each time you train."

I can't post in LiveSpill other wise I would have asked this there.


Coach, Are we re-filling the Bottle 10 times on this Fasting Pulse (none workout days) or are we consuming the amount down to 400ml and keeping the rest cold for 2-3hrs before we pulse again. Sorry, I'm just confused about the "Pulsing" term as I do have all the ingredients to begin this in a week or 2.




Each "pulse" is 400 mL, so you get 5 pulses in a bottle. 10 pulses throughout the day, 2x 2000 mL bottles = 4000 mL = 400 mL per pulse.


Yes, I would be interested in how one would use this protocol for fatloss.


Said it works for both. Just dont eat like a total shitbag on the other days.



I wonder how this would work if you were fat adapted.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I figure if you were fat adapted, you would be able to rip through body fat on the fast days.

I could imagine something like this:
Mon - Pulse Fast
Tue - Carb up day
Wed - 18-24kcal per pound depending on goal and fat mass (low carb, ~1.5g protein/kg, high fat)
Thur - Pulse Fast
Fri - Carb up day
Sat - 18-24kcal per pound depending on goal and fat mass (low carb, ~1.5g protein/kg, high fat)
Sun - 18-24kcal per pound depending on goal and fat mass (low carb, ~1.5g protein/kg, high fat)


Thanks for clearing that up for me. I actually took a look at my bottle and realized what CT and CS were talking about.


You sir, definitely have a way with words haha


I recall a tidbit from an old CT article. He claimed using 5-10 g of leucine every two hours would get you into ketosis right quick in the absence of carbs. I imagine CH pulses might get the job done even faster.


So how many of these thirty-six hour periods will you get from one "Pulse Fast" package?


So you refuse to read the article, LiveSpill, and about 10 threads were this has been answered?


You forgot to mention "doing the math yourself."


Hey thanks for the reply! Im glad you know that i have the time to read all those things. To my knowledge it would have been easier to post a simple # like 1,2 or perhaps 3. Right? Na you and Iron are too cool for that.

Really shows the quality of people has gone down as of late...

Sorry OP


Hang around a forum where people ask questions they could have answered themselves in less than 5 minutes 100 times a day and you end up a little snarky because it seems like people are too lazy to do their own work and want you to do it for them.

30 scoops in a bottle of MAG-10, 10 scoops per pulse = 3 pulses per bottle
31 scoops in a bottle of Power Drive, 4 scoops per pulse = 7.75 pulses per bottle (8 if you shave a little out of each scoop)
25 shots in a bottle of Alpha GPC, 2 shots per pulse = 12.5 pulses per bottles (13 if you shave a little out of each shot)

(To put things into perspective for you, I did that math in less time than it took you to write out your own snarky reply)


Thanks for the calcs and I understand where you're coming from. I usually look for my self but I haven't had much time these pasts weeks getting into the meat of the semester. I know i was over the top but its just as annoying when you get a response like that as seeing the same questions. In my opinion if seeing the questions all the time gets annoying just ignore it and don't post. If not, just give a simple answer, it would make both our lives easier.


Better off getting 1 package, and then 2 extra tubs of MAG-10. That way if you use 3 scoops of Power Drive instead of 4, you can get 9 pulses out of the whole thing.



Thanks LR, good idea ill have to look into it.


Once your done the fast and wake up on Tuesday morning would you recommend another pulse :20 - :30 min before consuming breakfast?


I would just do what every you normally do. If you do the whole amino pulsing thing, and AP/AP2 then go for it. Just remember to up the training volume, train twice if you can, and get the extra calories in.