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MAG-10 Pulse Fast, Morning Training


i actually train in the morning at 11am, so i was thinking of taking the bottle with the Anaconda first starting at 7am. Will changing the order of the bottles change or affect my outcome?



I would assume that you keep the bottles the same, but it might be an overload of Power Drive in such a short space of time (3 workout pulses). This is interesting, because people don't want to OD on a supplement. I train at 8am, so I'd also like to know how to adjust according to different training times as well.



i actually mixed 5 scoops MAG-10/ 2 scoops Anaconda/ and 4 scoops Power Drive in my first bottle cus i worked out early as well. definately did NOT feel any bad effects from "too much Power Drive". if anything, during the workout i felt GREAT.


Cool, thanks for the feedback.



There is zero problem there.


So if you have the 2nd bottle first. Won't you be overstimulated in the evening with all the Power Drive? Or are you just adding the Power Drive to the ANACONDA bottle instead?



Here, make it simple, take Power Drive on its own so that you can take it at the right time for you. But power drive is NOT a stimulant... it improves focus, but doesn't get you wired or prevent sleep.


Indeed . . . As they said, it's pretty hard to screw up--especially if you know how to adjust the fasting strategy to accomodate your own life . . . Sounds like Dayne found his "sweet spot"-lol.


Nice one Coach.



I as well train the mornings around 7, so what I did was follow the plan as laid out minus the Power Drive in the second bottle. So once I receive my Anaconda I will just flip the bottles 1 and 2.

Other suggestions are definitely welcomed!



Do you post in the Alpha Cell? I'd like to see some documented rerults, if people are willing to post them.

In this thread;




Could training in the morning be a cause for increased appetite earlier and more extreme on fast days? When I ran the MAG-10 pulse fast I trained within 2 hours of waking and was so hungry before bed I was tempted to slip my wife some sedatives and sneak out of the house to get some gas station Buffalo Chicken Wings... which is saying a lot.