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MAG-10 Pulse Fast is Here





how many full 36 hour pulses can you get from one MAG-10 Pulse Fast Package?


10 scoops of the MAG-10 per pulse. 21.6g/scoop.

About 3 pulses I guess.

Should have Power Drive and GPC left over however.


How much Alpha GPC is recommended throughout the day in general?


I was wondering the same thing about the Alpha GPC. Looks like in one package you get 3 pulses worth of MAG-10, 7 pulses worth of Power Drive and 12 pulses worth of Alpha GPC. So I think Ill order the package and an extra bottle of MAG-10. Should give me 6 full pulses or a solid month of decent Pulse Fasting. Halway thru my V-Diet after my transition this could be interesting. Adding some more muscle gain and fat loss to the Post V-Diet self sounds like icing on the cake. And a few all out eating days after the pusle sound amazing right now as I drink my last V-Diet shake of the day.


@PX and Dave -- I think 2 servings a day of GPC is all that would be worth taking. I could be wrong though, but with the additional DMAE in Power Drive (right??) isn't all the choline support a person would possibly need?


^ Oh and the whole thing looks really interesting. I'm definitely going to be trying it. Starting to up the intensity again on Monday but couldn't decide to bulk or cut (lol), so this looks good...


Yeah, I'm going to try this out tomorrow. Except 3 scoops of Power Drive, since that's all I have left, haha. I'm not ordering the whole MAG-10 pulse since I have a couple Nalware bottles already, so I just ordered some extra MAG-10/Power Drive.


Andy, please let us know how it goes. I'm really looking forward to feedback on this, especially the day after the pulse.

FYI, if you already have the Nalware bottle, you can order 2 Mag-10s, 1 Powerdrive, and 1 Alpha-GPC to get 6 pulses and its $15 less than buying the package and 1 extra MAG-10. If you don't have the Nalware bottle, you're out of luck (or buy the Anaconda Protocol).


Ive got all this sitting at the house. I will give it a rip tomorrow.



I'm going to try this the ghetto way cause I'm broke.

Going to take 1 scoop of MAG-10 only following the same pulsing schedule outlined (10 pulses per day). If I do this on Monday and Thursday like CT said, I can get around 5-6 "fasts" out of one tub of MAG-10.


OK I'll report back over the next few days.


That's shouldn't make a huge difference anyway. I think the Power Drive etc helped control hunger. You should still see the thermo-anabolic effect. Funny I have actually been doing something similar to this just with less pulses after a cheat day, should be interesting to see what ten in a day do to my physique.


This all makes sense to me even before reading it... if that makes any sense lol

Definitely giving it a shot in the coming weeks.

Really, how important is the Power Drive and Alpha GPC though?


Read the Livespill to see why Power Drive/Alpha-GPC were included in the fast.

As for me, I'm on pulse #2, nothing to report other than I am FREAKING hungry, lol.


i like the whole idea. i just can't justify spending so much money on fasting.

i am interested in seeing how things go in the coming months/years with this.


Lol my worst nightmare.


I'd take another pulse if your actually hungry and not just having your stomach growling since there's no solid food in it.

For me this was the biggest thing to get used to with this approachh, although this subsided my my second or third day.


Same here could you get similar results from just using the MAG-10?


You might, but I reply on Power Drive and Alpha-GPC pretty heavily during MAG-10 Pulse Fasts to keep me sharp and feeling good.