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MAG-10 Pulse Fast at 17?


I am a 17 year old football player from Austin, TX. Here are some stats on me:
270 lbs
510 lb Squat
375 lb Bench
305 lb Clean
600 lb Deadlift (approx)

I don't know a body fat percentage. I am decently built for 270 but not lean by any means. In fact, that's why I'm posting here.

Given that I am 17, would the MAG-10 Pulse Fast help me to decrease my BF%?
Also, will I lose weight from these pulse fasts?

Basically, I'm looking to maintain a weight of at least 270, but get leaner so that I look a little better to the D1 colleges looking at me.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


My main question is:
Does this work for all ages? Or is it like a testosterone supplement in that it really won't help a teenager?


At 17, I would just eat a lot of good food (read the articles on this site often) and train hard. If you're a lineman, you're probably going to benefit from having at least a little cushion, so body building techniques to get shredded are probably not the best way for you to train for competition. I'm not saying it wouldn't work. I'm just saying it probably isn't best suited to help you reach your goals, which I assume are football related rather than getting on a stage.

Notice I used the word "probably" a lot.

Eat a lot of meat, rice, potatoes, and veggies. Supplement with whey and creatine. Stay away from junk food and alcohol. Train hard. That's all you really need to know at 17.


Sorry for not having an answer to your question, but I just couldnt resist to stop by and say:
Dude, WTF :O. Your stats are awesome for a 17 year old ;D.

I'm gonna be 17 in a few days, but I dont come anywhere close to (for example) a 170 kg Bench :P.

How many years have you been training and what Trainingschedule (what exercised what day) do you use?

(Excuse me for my (possibly) messy english, not from US or UK :))


Granted I'm no expert, but it's just protein and intermittent fasting. You should be fine.


I don't see why it wouldn't benefit you. It's not exogenous hormones so, it's not going to mess up your HPTA. Just manipulating the hormones you've already got.


Sorry for the late reply man. I started training with weights in fifth grade. I workout 6 days a week, weights Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday
speed same days

Pliates Wednesday and Martial Arts Wednesday and Saturday

Usually some sport specific work on top of that


Absolutely fine for you to do...like others said, it is essentially a Protein Sparing Modified Fast (google PSMF for more info).

Still, as a lineman leanness isnt really as important as overall size, strength, and mobility.

If you REALLY want to shine, focus on getting as fast as you possibly can. Colleges figure they can always make you bigger and stronger, but quickness will make a potential prospect stick out.

Good luck


You will not loose weight using MAG-10.

You will loose weight using the MAG-10 Pulse Feast. Mostly fat and water.

If I where you, I would get educated on food first.

Write down what you eat every day, post it here if you want.

The best way to loose wight (intelligently) is by proper diet.


And by god, 270, 6'3".... ouch, glad I don't play football.