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MAG-10 Pulse Fast + Anabolic Diet


I've been on the Anabolic Diet for about five weeks. I'm enjoying it and find it's easy to adhere to this diet plan. I really want to incorporate fasting periods into my diet and the MAG-10 pulse fast seems like a good way to go. Any objections?
Also, if there exists someone in the know who can tell me whether or not it would be beneficial to do a pulse fast before or after a carb-load day, please share.


I'm going to lean towards "bad idea" since the whole idea of the AD is to maintain a ketogenic state during the week and low insulin. A pulse fast means consuming nothing but highly insulinogenic proteins and may push you out of ketosis.


Just my 2 cents, you could do it pulse feast style, especially on the carb load day to maximize the rebound.

I always seemed to be able to stay leaner with the pulse feast than the pulse fast, but im also a type 1 diabetic so it may not apply to you.


I don't think this is a great idea.


Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I'm always interested in educated opinions on these dietary experiments. Stronghold, what if I replaced the second carb day of the week (Sunday) with a pulse fast? Would I face the same possibility of pushing myself out of ketosis? At the moment I've cut my carb-up to one day (Saturday).


I think it sounds like a good idea. if your carbing up on the weekends i would do the pulse fast on wed.

The pulse fast puts you quickly into a keto state. forget what that other guy said.


Thanks for another opinion. Barring any real statistics which say I shouldn't use the Pulse-Fast in conjunction with the Anabolic Diet, I will probably give it a try. If anyone is interested I can post the results.


Being that the products you would be consuming during the pulse fast are comprised largely of glucogenic amino acids, I HIGHLY doubt that a single day of pulse fasting is going to be enough to induce ketosis. Given the fact that blood amino acid levels will likely be elevated from the previous day during the pulse fast, there is an even greater likelihood that those products would be subject to significant amounts of gluconeogenesis.