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MAG-10 Protein?


Just saw Thib mention this in his thread. Anyone hear anything else about it?



Interesting. I can't remember where I saw it in Thibs section but I remember him saying that Surge Recovery was like an amino primer for before workouts and that they should rename it therefore. I wonder if they took the the Surge Recovery formula and either gave it a new name or tweaked it a bit to make better for pre-workout consumption.


From what I understand it's going to be a casein hydrolysate protein powder with some added additional ingredients.


From my understanding MAG-10 is their protein to be taken after weight training and for pulsing (if using Thib's para-workout protocol). It contains casein hydrolysate among other ingredients. I believe Thib said Surge Recovery should be renamed to Surge Primer or something.


i wanna say somewhere i saw that MAG-10 had CH


Wait I thought Anaconda was the drink that had CH in it? Ahh this is getting confusing.


I think Anaconda has CH in it too. Plus even more mysterious expensive ingredients apparently. It will be out soon so we'll see.


Anaconda : during workout

MAG-10 : Protein pulsing


there were definitely new looking containers of MAG-10 during the new FA3 promo video. but i doubt it'll be on the market again anytime soon


It would be epic if they both dropped at the same time. Oh the sales. lol


what a coincidence... they just happened to film right in front of a few lone MAG-10 containers


They will.


marketing gurus they are


I'm sorry I'm a little behind, this protein will replace Surge Recovery? I don't know much about it, I just started lifting again 5 weeks ago.


Take a look at Christian Thibaudeau's Para-workout Nutrition thread, and you will be enlighted.


I don't know about you guys, but for a projected cost of 90 bucks a pop for what I'm guessing will be a small tub of Anaconda, I'd expect it to give me the Midas touch for a half hour every time I take it. I'm wondering what else is in it that makes it so expensive.


Stop looking at the supplements and the prices and look at what CT is explaining to everyone with the protocol..

It's better to store up on energy before your workout, rather than having it after. Instead, after your workout, take some fast-absorbing protein (MAG-10) when your muscles need it the most.

Just make sure the stuff you have before your workout is easily digestable/fast absorbing otherwise you'll be trying to digest it all and feel like shit.

By the way, if you choose to have Surge before your workout and nothing else, make sure you have some during your workout too or you will have a big drop in blood sugar levels.


that stuff ain't gonna be $90/bottle


i thought they said somewhere it cost 80-90 to produce


Fear not, it is full of awesome!