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MAG-10 Protein


In case anyone doesn't know... it's on teh way...


Bottom-ish of that page.

It seems, CT has spilled some of the proverbial beans, as it were.


God am I excited... :slight_smile:


don't be. It's just the name for CH, sort of like how MAG-10 amino primer or whatever is in SWF, my educated guess anyways


I just wanna know how they managed to make CH taste like kool-aid.

I also want to find out how to eliminate the salt taste from putting electrolytes into my drinks!


I know. But I'm still excited. I don't like the CH I'm curretly using. I'm a sucker for Biotest and I'll buy it...
And I'll have it tested in my lab, of course.


I'm still waiting on MAG-10 Earmuffs. Thems will be sweet!


Mag10 condoms....for the elite


Excuse my ignorance... but what is the big deal about this CH shit?



That's a pretty asinine response, even from you.

If CT's comments are any indication, and I trust they are much more than I trust your "educated guess," then this stuff is going to be better than Pepto Pro, which is the current gold standard for CH.

Based on this, I'm looking forward to purchasing it as soon as it's released.


Perhaps you misunderstood me.

Everyone has been raving about Anaconda for years. I get tired of it on here.

Now someone makes another post as if MAG-10 Protein is this new super supplement coming out, when in reality it's a part of Anaconda.

sorry if I offended you :wink:


Well.... the hype machine is always in full effect around here. If it turns out to be cool aid flavored CH won't your response be the asinine one?

I mean he's got a hunch... and so do you.


I agree with Jehovas, I think it is just CH in which they have manipulated the amino acid profile and sweetening properties to make it taste better.

Also Im fairly certain that it is a CH product considering (barring something CT and Biotest are holding back for the I,Bodybuilder program) that all of the supplements being talking about for the nutritional program are already being sold or soon to be released (Anaconda), a CH product is the only missing link.

P.S. Im not getting too excited considering it will probably be released with the I,Bodybuilder program in 1-2 months


The MAG-10 amino primer is just a few amino acids, it's not CH.

Joo have a lab? Wowzers! So if for some reason we don't get AN/TN ratios and average molecular weight (PP's average is below 300 Daltons), then you could find out these things?


Frickin' Sweet.


That's an interesting study you chose to prove that CH isn't worth it, even though in the study they decided the hydrolysate was the better option, and the study had nothing to do with any sort of exercise or absorption rates or any of the real benefits of CH, but it did find that after fasting for 3 days the intestinal track of starved rats will be fully healed after 96 hours of a hydrolysate or casein diet, and the researchers preferred the hydrolysates.

So what the fuck is your point?


I know. That's why I said it's in SWF. But, ahh nevermind