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Mag-10 program opinions?

Hey all. In a few weeks I will start a cycle of Mag-10 + creatine + Tribex. My weakest area is by far my chest so I really want to work on chest/back while ‘on’ and have thought about doing the following programs. (right now, I’m leaning toward doing OVT) What I’d really appreciate is if you could tell me which program you’d do if you were me, and why:
Choice #1 Ian King’s 12 week chest and back
Choice #2 OVT
Choice #3 Chad W.'s 6 week chest program (issue #255)

Thanks to anyone who can give me their opinions.

All the programs you mentioned are good.You might also check previous issues for stuff by Dave Tate regarding bench and chest

Hey, there, BWS. I’ll leave others to give their opinions on their favorite program. The only thing I wanted to mention is that you should not be taking Tribex and Mag-10 at the same time. You want to save Tribex (and M) for your “off” weeks, to help with hormonal recovery.

Good luck!!!

Thanks TT. I have enough Tribex that I can be taking it during and after, as well as ‘M’ for after.

I had good success with both Ian King’s chest and back routine and the OVT program.

My only thought is that King’s program is 3 months, and you won’t be ‘assisted’ that long.

You might take a look in the back issues for the Growth Surge Project, Issues 182,183, and 184. This is the program I am on now.