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Mag-10 & Prednisol

Hey guys, long time lurker, first time poster. I have been drudging through the search page in an effort to find a solution to my problem, but no dice so far. My situation is this, pulled a glute on squats the other day and ended up having my doctor prescribe me a medrol dose pack of prednisol. I started taking it yesterday, should be off by Monday. That following Monday I had planned on starting my first Mag-10 cycle and was wondering if I should wait and let the prednisol get out of my system first?

In the search there were people who had the exact opposite issue with completing their mag-10 cycle and then taking the pred. Just wondering if the answers they were given will hold true if the situations are reversed. Thanks. I love these forums btw!

Hold off on your Mag-10 until after you’ve finished your Medrol dose pack.

Taking them at the same time would just be wasting your Mag.

I will have been off the dose pack for around 6 days before I intend on starting Mag-10. Sill hold off?

Sorry, I misread your post. I thought you were asking about taking them at the same time.

You should be fine to start the Mag a week after you’re done. Good luck.

Most excellent. Thanks much