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Mag-10 post usage without

Money is a little tight for this college student so I was wondering what the results would be if I just used Tribex-500 as my post M-10 supplement? Thank you

Actually, more than a year ago I asked a similar question of Bill Roberts. The answer is dependent on the length of your cycle.

At the time, I was doing a 2 week cycle, and Bill's response was "for a short cycle like that, you likely don't need any recovery agents."

However, my advice to you is to use the Tribex. Any advantage to holding ont your gains is of extreme value, in my opinion. You should be all right without the M, though.

Hope this helps.

I still think the same, but another option is adding Vitex, e.g. the Solaray brand at 400 mg/day, to the Tribex. It’s really cheap and does help.