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MAG-10 -Post Recovery Cycle...What Next?

We all know that it’s reccomended to use MAG-10 for a two week cycle with a hypercaloric diet. (M optional/reccomended)

And for post cycle it’s suggested to continue with the M, add in the Alpha Male (or TRIBEX/RED KAT stack), and optionally stack Methoxy-7. Continue with the hypercaloric diet. Continue on this post-cyle recovery phase for another 2 weeks.

The Question I have is, What next? cycle completely off? or start again?

I have never heard of M being recommended while using MAG-10, nor can I see why it would be.

If you want continued accelerated gains, you can repeat this cycle for a total of 12 weeks before a 4 week break from MAG-10 is recommended. I prefer to stick with Alpha Male during this 4 weeks.


Actually, M is recommended to take post MAG-10 cycle. Most of the responses from T-mag type people will tell you this. But yeah, the other guy is right about you being able to continue with the gains and go on for about three more two week cycles.

That is what I have heard.