MAG-10 Pluse FEAST Thread

So, there’s a thread all about the pulse fast. This thread is all about the PULSE FEAST. My buddy and I are both doing it. Hopefully he’ll post here, too.

I’m not a body builder and I’m never very strict on my diet except that I’m gluten intolerant. This is new territory for me.

My schedule looks like this:

5AM Wake Up, Preworkout Whey
530-7AM, Workout (531) w/ ANACONDA
7AM, Postworkout Whey
1030AM, Pulse
130PM, Pulse
430PM, Pulse (optional, depending on if dinner is at 5 or 7+)
Evening: FEAST!
Right before bed, whey shake

3-4 Pulses (1 w/ creatine) and FEAST

I’ve been on the Pulse FEAST for 7 days. I did not follow the protocol on Saturday this weekend b/c it was my birthday weekend and I had family and a party with lots of food throughout the day.

I started on Tuesday last week BW = 203 BF~10%. By Friday I was 197. This morning (after the pig-out weekend and lots of drinking) I was back up to 201.

If anyone else is doing PULSE FEAST, hit this thread and post some observations.

I’m on it. Started saturday morning. Up at 530, pulse with Oxyelite pro, drive to gym. Workout drink (simple carbs, protein, mag10, creatine). Finished workout 730. 11am Pulse. 4 pm Pulse. 7 pm: feast.

As for how it’s going? Currently 210 lbs ¬16% bf. Have dropped a few lbs but more than likely water weight. Feast is clean, carbs only from veggies. I find it is working ok; training intensity is fine (I’m used to training in the AM already, so same kind of pre-workout nutrition). I think that pulse feast when training in the AM isn’t the greatest as my recovery seems hindered. I was also starving by feeding time for the first few days but am used to it now. I’m going to give it another week or two and see if my body adapts to it. Otherwise, I’m going to mix up the training program and do fasted cardio am and then train heavy after work (730pm) and then feast. Keep it up and keep us posted how it’s going!

I think there is a thread or 3 on this already in CT’s forum.

But I think you are supposed to get around 5 hours between pulses and between the pulse and the feast.

Week 3 on Pulse FEAST

Weight is down a few lbs, seeing more definition, veins, etc.

PR’s this cycle on bench, squat, and OHP.

I’ve spread the pulses to 3.5-4 hours apart. Typical work day I work out at 5:30AM, PWO~7AM, Pulse ~11, Pulse~3, Feast ~6-630. I’ve started getting these gluten free pizza crusts that have been pretty awesome. I’ve also started using whole milk and egg whites in my protein shakes to get more calories in during the feast and PWO.