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Mag 10 plus Super Strength & Limpin

I am about to start on the final cycle of Super Strentgh and Limping and was thinking of taking Mag 10. I know that 2 a days are recomended while on Mag 10, but I really want to finish up the program as well as put on some more weight, before maintenance, and then cutting in time for a nice beach getaway, and December is really the only opportunity I will have to do this. Has anyone ever tried this combo? Did you add some extra workouts in? Any idea how much someone who has never used a prohormone or steroids can hope to gain on a 2 week cycle of Mag 10, taking 1 dose a day. Also, if I only have a specific amount of money I can blow on supps do you guys think it would be better to get a single bottle of Mag 10 and M and tribex, or skip the M and Tribex and get 2 bottle of Mag 10. I dont really think I will start out with double doses a day, probably just save the second one for a month or two for help with cutting. Ideas? Thanks for your help guys. I certainly could use it.


Your plan sounds fine. 2-a-day workout can work great with MAG-10, but so can many other training programs. “How much can I expect to gain?” is a tough question to answer. If you diet is tight (I suggest not worrying about fat gain, and just eat. At least 5000 kcal.) then perhaps you can put on 10 lbs. As for your last question, I would go for the Tribex and M. I’ve never come off a MAG-10 cycle without using this combo, and I credit it with allowing me to keep almost all of my gains. Good luck.

Just to give you some perspective, I’m doing phase 3 of Ian King’s Limping/Upper body routines, and decided to try Mag-10 with it. It’s early days yet, as I’ve just completed the first week, but it looks like I’ve gone up 4lb (to 204), with a bf of around 9.5% (drop of 1%, measured using Fat Track digital calipers, for what they are worth…). I’m taking Mag-10 twice a day, after talking to a personal trainer at my gym who swears by the stuff. Routine has been the standard 4 day split, as per phase 3. Diet intake is now up to around 4500-5000 calories. Of course, that alone could account for the increase in weight. Strength has gone up slightly too, which I think has caused a side problem. I tried to do squats today - did my best ever lift - but just as I finished my last rep, I strained my lower back. It’s like while the muscle strength has gone up, when fatigue sets in the connective/ supporting tissue around it still needs to “catch up”. I’m dreading the deadlift day, when I’m also supposed to try for a new PB. We’ll see how my back feels. I don’t propose to get Tribex/M yet, and just try the 2 weeks on/2 weeks off approach with Mag-10, and see how I feel. Overall, it appears that Mag-10 works well with Ian’s routines. Hope that helps.

Hey, I did a two week cycle of Mag-10 and followed it with M and Tribex, and I can tell you now a week after both cycles are complete, my strength is higher then it’s ever been, and my body weight is higher then it’s ever been. Now I dont credit this solely to Mag or Tribex and M, I have been increasing my calories greatly. But I did the same thing last year (with the calories) and never had the strength gains like I have this year. I’d say to you that the combo is definitely worth it. My intensity is through the roof along with my weight and my strength.