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MAG 10 plus diet.... need advice

about to go on MAG 10… currently 5’9" 138lbs. i know you are supposed to eat big while on MAG 10 so would 3000 calories a day be enough? thanks in advance for any advice.

You will likely want to read The Mag-10 Plan for Success. Try this link:

http://www.testosterone.net/ articles/193mag.html

Remove the space between ".net/" and "articles"

Read that, and follow the links to the Growth Surge Project and Massive Eating Articles. Read those as well, and not only will your questions be answered, but your Mag-10 experience will be much more rewarding.

Hope this helps.

I would also recommend looking at the “Growth Surge Project” articles. The GSP really beat me up, but I wasn’t on MAG-10 when I did it.