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Mag-10 plus Androsol plus Methoxy-7

What do you guys think? Mag-10, two capfuls per day, androsol, 70 sprays once per day in the morning or before workout, and methoxy-7 two servings a day, all for two weeks followed by the tribex and M recovery. I know the androsol and mag-10 can seem contradictory, but I love androsol and would rather take it once a day that take two servings of mag-10.

Overkill! Spread the stuff around and look to gain a lot of mass over a longer period of time rather than trying to gain it all in such a short period of time.

I asked the same question. Here’s the answer I got from Biotest (I’ll use androsol during cutting cycle)

I’d save the Androsol for a cycle separate for MAG-10, as I see little
point in using these products at the same time. You’ll need to allow an
adequate endocrine recovery period for Androsol, just as you would
before doing a second MAG-10 cycle, though.

i agree with jason. save the androsol for another cycle and use the methoxy the two weeks after the mag10 to keep the mass you gain.