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Mag 10 plan

I ordered 2 Plans for Success from the superstore, so I got:

4 Mag 10
4 Tribex
4 M

What do all of you think is the OPTIMAL way to use such a supply?

You can either do two two-week cycles or one 4 week cycle. If you do the two week I’d take 2-3 weeks on Tribex/M before beginning the next 2 weeker.

Just make sure to eat big.

If doing a 2-week cycle is the M really necessary or would Tribex alone be sufficient?

regarding eating big, roger that captain.

Since I have 4 bottles, I’m guessing your suggesting both of your options at a double dose? Four weeks at 2 servings/day is more than has ever been recommended, to my knowledge. Has this worked for you/anyone in the past?

Thanks Ag.

Your cleared to do double dosing up to 8 weeks straight. Androgens work better on longer cycles.

This is the first I’ve heard that, Trenchdawg.

I’m currently in week 2 of a cycle. I have noticed my appetite actually increased (probably due to training volume) and that I’m ready to fall asleep everyday at about 2pm. To overcome the lethargy (that’s probably associated with 1-test) I use ECA to keep my energy levels up and it seems to work.

I would do 2 week cycles; make sure you eat like a horse (eat clean tho) and you should get some good gains from it.

Right Side Up, from what I’ve read in the past, double dosing will provide you with increased LBM over single dosing, but it will not provide you with twice the LBM. If money is no object, double dose. If you’re trying to stretch your pennies, you’ll get very nice results with a single dose per day.

Be sure to read the Mag-10 Plan for Success for the numbers. You should plan on reducing your fat intake a bit (since insulin is going to be high) and take in starchier type carbs versus green-veggie type carbs. You won’t be able to meet your carb requirements if you’re eating green veggie carbs due to the fiber.

Good luck to you!!!

Thanks everyone, and TT.

Seems like the slow and steady approach is winning out. 2 on 2 off seems at 1 dose/day is one favored approach and a sort of staggered approach as well.

Any other opinions/successes?

hey right side,are you doing the entire stack or just the mag-10 on its own?

Oh shit I’m fuckin’ blind…disregard everything!!!

Okay…I’m starting a similar cycle in 2 weeks…MAG-10 followed by Tribex and M/ZMA. I’m using the Growth Surge Project training program.

My question is: Anyone else try this program with MAG-10/Tribex? What were the results?

Shit, I’ve dropped about 50 pounds of Body fat over the last 15 months, and I’ve lost about 40 pounds overall…at 5’ 3" I’m a decent 140 lbs, but WAY too small for my liking. The problem is that I’ve got excellent strength for my size, but little mass. I’m hoping this shit works, otherwise I’ll cry!

How do folks feel about a sort of staggered approach? That is, something like 3 on 1 off, 3 on 3 off or 2 on 2 off, 3 on 3 off etc…

RSU, if you take Mag-10 for two weeks, you will want to take the full two weeks to allow the hormonal aspect of things to return to normal. Some pro-hormones can be somewhat suppressive where T production is concerned.

You can take Mag 10 for longer periods of time, but it needs to be matched with a recovery period of equal length.

LittleJay, Mag-10 works fabulously!!! You owe it to yourself to do a search of T-Forums (to the left of your screen) and see the kind of results others are getting.

Little Jay, how old are you?

Tampa Terry: thanks, many have many different approaches, so I’m trying to gather up as many opinions as possible.

Opinions based on experience are more useful than those based on the theory or recommendations, I think. I’m starting next week.


I’m 31…going on 19!

I’ve gotten to the point where I’m ready for mass-gains, as opposed to the fat-loss mentality that I’ve had for the past 15 months. I’ve never tried any supplements seriously, and never anything that could be taken seriously (you know: Fu Manchu’s GUARANTEED mass building nose spray, only $20!). I’ve never been on a bodybuilding type diet either…plus my protein intake has barely been enough to keep what strength gains I’ve made.

I’m thinking BIG now, brother!


One thing that has helped me tremendously is post-workout nutrition. Basically consume something Surge-like postworkout. I have noticed that it completely eliminates soreness. I went out of my way last Saturday on leg day to get sore. I did so much volume my legs were shaking violently for 2 hours after my workout. Normally I would be sore for 3-4 days after such an excruciating workout; I was mildly tight for maybe 1/2 day the next day. I wasn’t sore whatsoever, just very mild tightness. I’m also on a Mag-10 cycle so I’m not sure if this has something to do with it as well, but I have done Mag10 before without post-workout drinks and I was sore.


I’ve taken both the double dose and the single dose of Mag-10 and to be honest I could not tell the difference in strength nor hypertrophy between the two. I have made tremendous gains on Mag and my only regret was the one time I double dosed it; I felt like I had wasted a whole bottle by the end of the cycle.

I’ve read many times from Biotest that it is better to take a longer cycle oppose to double-dosing. I agree with this from experience.

Josh, et al…

As a firts timer with Mag10, would it be better to go just 2 weeks and then follow with Tribex/M, or should I get another bottle and do a 4-week cycle, and then follow that with Tribex/M for the same 4-weeks? I’m just intrigued by the comments here about longer cycles being better.




Now that I’ve actually read ALL the posts in this thread, I realize that my questions were basically answered.

I guess Trying isn’t the only blind bastard here!