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MAG-10 Plan For Success

I was trying to find some “testimonials” for the Mag-10 plan. What gains, side effects(if any), etc. I’m seriously considering the plan, but I just want some feedback from others. Thanks a lot.

Search engine bottom left on your screen will get more than you want to read.
My results after 2-2 wk cycles at minimum dosage. My next cycle will do max dose. About 12lbs gained, 8 or 9 retained. Didn’t have much CNS stimulation but others have. Good strength gains. Definitely the way to go if you want great gains without illegal steriods.

MAG-10’s the best supplement I’ve used – by far.

Keith, I’ve been collecting testimonials for a friend of mine that has a dicount nutrition store. Try out the search engine on the left-hand side of the screen. The search engine on the forum searches messages that have been posted, and the search engine on the front page searches past articles. “Mag10 results” will get you everything you’re looking for. Bottom line, it works as advertised. You’ll not be disappointed if you’re eating big (1,000 kCal over maintenance), getting enough protein (2g/lb of BW) and carbs (2.5g, if I remember correctly) and working out like a fiend.