Mag 10 Plan--critiques and suggestions please


Here’s what I have planned beginning 11/18…
Goal: gain 5-10lbs. of sustainable muscle.
Stats: 5’11"/185 lbs. (160-165 when I started)/~11% bf/4+ years lifting experience

Protein–185 x 1.5=280g (34% of total kcal)
Carbs–185 x 2=370g (45%)
Fat–74g (20%)
Total Kcal–3270
Protein from meats and either Micellean (VPX) or Lean Matrix (Prolab)meal replacements, Carbs from whole complex sources, and fats from olive oil, flax, and natural PB.

Training: 4 days/week (M,T,TH,F). No specific program, just heavy bodybuilding emphasizing compound movements (Inclines, Military/push press, squats, deads) and high intensity.

Supplements: Mag 10 (1.5 servings/day for 21 days), Surge (immediately post workout only), aforementioned MRPs (2-3/day) with BCAA’s added), and a multi (1/day). Possibly a couple of MD6’s when the mood’s not right before a workout.

That’s that. I appreciate whatever you all think of this. I suspect many will suggest that I up my kcal’s from carbs (probably 100 more…?). I’m a bit worried about eating as much as I need to and as often as I need to because of work, but I’m going to do my best to plan ahead constantly and pack enough grub to build something…peace kids…


Bumping this thread, only to ask a question out of idle curiosity.

The thing says this guy has 224533 posts on T-Nation. I looked up some of his posts, wondering how this could be. It was mainly just a bunch of different people’s posts, because there were a bunch of people in the forum discussions with different handles, but all having 224533 posts to their names. So when an account is de-activated do all the posts get thrown into this big lump sum, so whenever you see someone with 224-some-odd posts it means their account is no longer active?

Just a weird thing that I’m now wanting to know.