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I have some MAG-10 frozen that I bought pre-ban, and am looking for some advice on PCT. Does the original recommendations of using Alpha Male or TRIBEX/M still hold true, or would it be better to use clomid or nolva with it? I appreciate any feedback you could give.


TRIBEX/M are still fine. that is what I used when I did cycles of MAG-10.


TRIBEX or Alpha Male are supposed to be fine. But I am sure that following up a longer cycle (4+ weeks) with some nolva isn't a bad idea. It certainly can't hurt. Cy has even mentioned the beneficial use of stand-alone nolva for short periods, even for someone who's never taken steroids or prohormones.


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I would just like to know how do you proceed to use your MAG-10 when its frozen? Do you have something special to do for the conservation or just defrost it before using it?

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Just let it defrost.


I can't imagine that freezing would change the properties of the pills. Just pop em. I'm sure your body treats it the same once it's down there.


There have been some complaints of loss of libido after 3 weeks of usage. The product is clearly suppressive, but doesn't aromatise, and doesn't convert to dht obviously. I would recomend using some test or proviron with it, and following up with nolvadex for 2 weeks and/ take trib throughout on and off.


I can't imagine needing nolva or clomid if you do short cycles, I did 2 on 4 off for 8 cycles with no problems. I get gyno easily and had no problems, but having some nolva on hand can't hurt. Better safe then sorry!


Im on my 3rd week of a 4 week cycle of MAG-10..I started with a 2on/2 off. Now on 4 on/2 off. I have noticed this week a drop in libido BUT not enough to complain. On my 2on/2off I used 2 weeks of Alpha Male..Coming off of 4 weeks I was thinking 5 on 2 off Alpha Male with 60mg of nolva on the 2 days off. I would like to go on a 6 week cycle of MAG-10 next...Do you think I should use the new TRIBEX GOLD while on the cycle?


Thanks for the responses guys.




I wasnt around during the prohormone days. Lucky bastards, all of you!

Out of curiousty, whats a bottle of MAG-10 going nowadays, black market?


Seen them on e-bay for $150 a piece.


Ive seen Legacy let go for 70 bucks a bottle! my freezer stash is running low- always looking for more..This stuff seems to sell for whatever the seller wants for it- no questions asked- But now that it is banned I can't figure out why one wouldn't just turn to AAS???


Well I believe I have you all beat. You see in Canada the pro hormones were always illegal. The supp shops that carried them when I was buying MAG-10 (liquid version) would cost me 200-220$. When the stores first got them they were trying to sell them for 250. I would use one bottle a week, so 2 weeks worth would cost me roughly 400$. I shit you not. These days I imagine it would cost around 150$.

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Bump P-22.

It is suppressive but does not aromatize. TRIBEX/M will get you through. You can use nolva, but if you cycle MAG-10 per the instructions, you really won't need it.


so for a 6 week cycle should I stack w/TRIBEX GOLD? then PCT w/ Alpha Male only(I cant find M anywhere and my supply is out)


I remember Cy or TC mention that freezing MAG-10 for prolonging shelve life. Just thaw it when you take it out of the freezer and you're good to go.


My MAG-10 never looked like it actually froze up when I put it in the freezer. I just take them out and wash them down with a cup of tea. The destroyers seem like they get a little leaky. So make sure you have something to wash them down.

I wouldn't worry about having Nolvadex. Mag10 doesn't aromatize into estrogen so you don't have to worry about estrogen shutting you down and Androstenediol is a strong androgen that somewhat blocks estrogen.