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Mag-10 over the border

I’m going down to the states for a conference in Feb. and I’m considering picking up some Mag-10 if I find some when I’m out and about. I’m just wondering, since it’s illegal in Canada, how easy is it to get over the border if I have it in my carryon bag or in my luggage? Also, if they catch me with it, would they simply confescate it or are their greater consequences?

Hiding things from customs is never a good idea. Imagine your entire car cut open, sliced up seat cushions lying on the ground next to you. :frowning:

LoneLobo, I’m flying down to Balitmore. So thankfully, my brand new car won’t be sliced open. I’m more curious as to whether I’d get fined, or arrested, or just have it taken from me.

Put the Mag 10 caps in a fish oil caps bottle for the ride across the border. A few others have posted that this has worked.


Sorry for the hijack, but I was curious about the same thing.

I was thinking also of bringing back Surge and GROW and wondering if anyone has had any experience with this. I tried ordering it online but Biotest called me and said it would probably not show up, except the empty bottles. It is alot cheaper there than the retail stores here!

As a note to this, I am in Alberta and Biotest said it was tougher to ship to Alberta than other provinces, but I will be driving across somewhere in Ontario.


After you buy it just take it to a Mail Boxes Ect or UPS store and ship it back to your house. Same question you had before though, What would happen if they searched the mail? You would probably loose your stuff. Nothing worse than loosing good suppliments…Well maybe spilling beer!

When travelling, I just put it in my suitcase and I’ve never had any problems.

You could just put it in a different bottle.

Different bottle forsure. I arrived in TO from Houston, my check-in baggage was checked (I got a nice little note and everything) presumably due to the rattling noise of the pills (fish oil caps). I got checked 3 times(!) going from TO to Miami! I must look sketchy or something:)