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MAG-10 & Other Overdue Questions


A qeustion set I'm finally getting around to posting: (1) Can I make MAG-10 at home, even if I don't have the high tech delivery system? Seems like it might be possible, and the methods could be shared here with no problem in view of the steroid information that is shared with no acknowledgement that anything is necessarily happening and nobody gets in trouble. It's just information right?

(2) Is there an effort underway by various companies (even though I know you all don't get along) to appeal the ruling that pro-hormones are banned? Seems like it could be a strong legal case, stemming off the "pro" concept. What other ingredients or precursors could be next? It's an outrage!

(3) For those uninterested in the complexities (or, admittedly, probably waste of time of my first two questions), what has emerged as the single best supplement to use in place of MAG-10 for similar purposes for those who won't cross the line to actual juice? For those who never tried it (I used the spray and then the tabs, periodically and conservatively), think of your favorite supplement and how it has a real but somewhat vague effect, compared to most which don't really work. Then think of one where there is a real, pronounced, and quick result (and not just a pump like NO or water retention like creatine). That's what this was! But only because the innocent substance underwent a chemical reaction after entering the body. No way they defend an appeal? Unlike ephedra. What gives?

  1. Great question.

  2. I've tried MAG-10 and it's the bees knees. I haven't tried pro-hormones that are sold now, but 11-T is close to MAG-10. Not quite there, but I would say it's the next best thing available that I've tried.

like my avatar? :wink:


Guys make steroids in there kitchens so if you have the recipe for MAG-10 make it and tell us how it is.

I dont think its illegal to use MAG-10 just to make and distribute it.

But if your gonna make MAG-10 just make make gear and sell it to me.


try Epistane its solid.


lol for real.

It just sound so stupid to "brew" a prohormone when brewing something like testosterone is going to be much simpler.

Both are illegal so why would you make MAG-10? rofl

If MAG-10 is banned it's because it's a steroid, so since you are already planning on making your own steroids, make test.


lot easier to swallow MAG-10 in liquid or pill form than inject a needle.

Not being sarcastic.


I wasnt sure on the legality of MAG-10.


You could always make a water based suspension and take it orally. Generally only steroids dissolved in oil need to be injected.

Either way, if you have the balls to start a home brewery I'd hope you'd have the balls to a needle in your leg lol.

Also just to be a dick, why would you inject a needle into yourself? I don't understand the logic behind that :wink:


Also, I haven't looked at the compound used in MAG-10 but seeing as it's banned for being a steroid, chances are the raw product is the same and you would need to find a powder source for the steroid they built MAG-10 from.

OP would you even have any idea how to mess with this stuff on a molecular level so it acts in the same way as MAG-10? I sure as hell wouldn't.

You would probably just end up making primo, masteron, or something like dbol lol


Third post in a row, I know but...

P.S. that is actual "juice"

Only difference being mine came in a Ziploc bag, and yours came in a labeled bottle.


Waylenderxx it took me a second to pick that up, I inject needles into myself all the time.

About oil based needing to be injected does that mean you could take test suspension orally like winny.



Yes you can. When the drug is suspended in water you can either inject or take it orally, it's up to the user.


Solid thanks.


is it as effective? if so, why do people not go this route then?


IMO liver toxicity.


wasn't sure if it would then have the 17-aa grouping (I think that's what I mean :wink: )


You really shouldn't post when you don't have a clue what you're talking about. There's a big difference between a 17-AA like winstrol and testosterone base.


Whether you inject or take a steroid orally has nothing to do with what it's suspended in.


Yeah you mean 17 alpha alk,it doesnt have that but it still passes through the liver, I dont think it is as potent taken orally but it beats shooting up needles everyday.


There is the liver toxicity thing but most suspensions would be toxic in pill form anyways. The most popular being winny and dbol suspension

test suspensions and the like are very popular with athletes trying to cheat drug tests. When it is oil based the half life of Test is days, so for it to be completely out of your system can take weeks.

With things like Test suspension the half life is only hours so if you suddenly got a notice saying you have a drug test in two days, you just stop the suspension and you should test clean.

That half life also makes it not as popular with bodybuilders because you have to take it several times throughout the day, everday. Usually 2-3 times. So as you can imagine it can be a pain in the ass.

Much would rather just rather inject so you only have to worry about it a few times a week.