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MAG-10 OR surge and Methoxy-7? Bill? Anyone?

I’d like your opinion on a dilemma I’m having:

I’m 25, 6’2, 203lbs with 19% body fat. At the age of 17 I was around 185, benching 315 for reps and squatting 450 for reps. At the time I was taking Anadrol 50, Dianabol, primobolan and a couple others. I got a girlfriend and completely blew off the lifestyle, went to college, got a corporate job and got fat. It’s now 6 years later and I have another 30lbs of fat to lose, yet at the same time wish it get back to my past glory of being strong and cut.

Here’s the dilemma:
I have $200 to spend. No I can’t afford more I was layed off. Do I:

A) Buy 2 bottles of Biotest Surge (1 free) and the same with Methoxy-7. Then use it with the 3 bottles of MD6 and Tribex 500 already have sitting in the cabinet from last year. Shoot for the German Comp training routine and the MRP diet?


Pickup 2 bottles (1 free) of MAG 10. Then use Tribex to come down from it and MD6 to cut down later. (I haven't considered training nor diet style with this route. Opinions?).

I’m going to make the purchase tomorrow one way or the other so please respond now if you can. I plan on obsessing through the message board later tonight, but it’s difficult to get an accurate answer on such a specific question. I realize that if I have more muscle my metabolism will burn fat quicker and such yet at the same time it’s been 6 years since I’ve seen my goddam abs. And I miss them… Either way which of the two will benefit me more within 2 months in line with my goal of being reasonably cut at say just under 10 percent bodyfat(or more) and still be able to continue gaining a nice hunk of lean muscle mass per month.

Based on the success I’ve had using Mag-10 while “cutting,” I suggest you consider stacking 5ml of Mag-10 once a day (that way you can maintain muscle mass without wasting the extra 4 ml. that is normally recommended during a bulking cycle), along with MD-6 and if you can get it, the original T2 (there are a few online supplement companies that still claim to have some in inventory - I ordered some a month or two ago, and I used it as part of the aforementioned cutting cycle. Rather than naming names, I suggest you use the search engine “google.com” to see what you can find.). I also suggest using a 40-40-20 ratio of protein-carbohydrates-fats as a nutritional starting point, and a low rep/heavy weight training protocol for the duration of your cycle (30 days, maybe?), along with moderate cardio (30 - 45 minutes, max) 3 or 4 times a week. Regardless of what you decide, good luck…

Thanks for your response. Unfortunatly in your scenario I can -only- afford the MAG-10. Even if I could find the old T2, I can’t buy it. Literally, $200 is all I have in my supplement budget.

If you were laid off, shouldn’t that money go towards basic food and whey until you start working again?

Bronx, yes I was laid off. How I choose to spend my money (aside from the question posed) is none of your concern. Don’t assume that just because you’re one paycheck away from being tossed out on the street that everyone else is as well. I can live quite comfortably as I am for a loooong time. As I’ve stated before $200 is the limit of my supplement budget at this time. I’m cool on everything else. I’ve got a very plentiful supply of multivitamin packs, creatine, whey protein, Flax oil, MRPs, MD6, Tribex, as well as refreshing and liberal supply of ‘basic food’, condoms, cable T.V., prepaid prostitute vouchers, and more!

I still haven’t decided which I’m going to purchase yet so if you have something constructive to contribute, there’s still time.

yeah, bronx is right. if you don’t eat, about 13 total ounces of mag-10 isn’t going to grow crap !!.. eat the best you can, workout hard, and when you get a job, then buy whatever supplement you want. EATING is the #1 supplement !!

Podge, I’m not a beginner. I’ve injected yellow goo into my body to improve it. I know plenty about diet and such. My question here is about supplements, and a possible training and diet regime if I go the mag 10 route. I’ve also ruled out the German volume training as I belive it would e too strenuous for dieting. Any other suggestions would be welcome.

I’d go with the MAG-10. Amazing stuff.

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Jim, if you’ve only allocated funds for two products; I would go with a two week bulking cycle using Mag-10 and follow that with Methoxy-7, in order to lose a little bf and harden up a bit. This has worked very well for me.

Hey can’t we all just get along. Just kidding. Anyway, Jim, my suggestion would be to try the surge and Methoxy. I would suggest cutting up first. Use your MD6, you did say you had it right? When you get down to a bodyfat level you like, then try the Mag-10 and the tribex to “bulk up”. I think it Berardi who said that a thinner guy would gain less fat when bulking up then a heavier guy. This is my opinion and hope it helps.