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MAG-10 or Plazma for Greater Fat Loss


So I recently started using MAG-10 recently after the New Year and already have been able to feel the difference in my workouts and beginning to see changes in my physique. I’m currently doing a Pulse Fast on Saturdays and taking one serving subsequent to my workouts every other day after training. I’ve been on a strict diet, with a pretty hefty caloric deficit, for close to 8 months now and have continued through my use of MAG-10. I’m considering either adding another pulse of MAG-10 prior to my workouts (appx 30-60 mins). or trying out Plazma and using that during my workout and keep the single pulse of MAG-10 for after (appx 60 mins)


  1. Which combination would result in greater fat loss/muscle retention?
  2. If I went with the Plazma route, should I sub-out my current peri-nutrition and BCAAs?


This thread is more appropriate for the Biotest Supplement Advice forum. You should repost it over there.

But the quick answers are:

  1. Plazma before/during, Mag-10 after.
  2. Yep. Plazma instead of the other stuff.