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MAG-10 or More Plazma?


Hey CT. My current protocol is:

-45min Finibar
-30 min 1 serving Plazma
during workout 1 serving Plazma
+30 1 serving Mag-10

Would I be better off doing 3 servings Plazma and no MAG-10? Or 3 servings Plazma and no Finibar?

I would consider myself highly fast twitch dominant, respond well to low volume and intensity. I train for strength 90% of the time and occasionally will add in some hypertrophy work.


I'm not CT, but I don't think you could ever go wrong with more Plazma. I'd drop the Finibar and go 3 Plazma and 1 MAG-10, just don't get mad when you out grow your clothes. : )


That's true... but personally what rings a bell is that he responds well to low volume. With low volume you don't need as much carbs peri-workout.

In your case I would probably keep the same supplements, but try:

-30 MAG-10
During workout PLAZMA
+15 MAG-10


I already can't fit into any of the pants or button shirts i was wearing last year haha

thanks for the advice CT