mag-10 or androsol

whats up fellas, im about to embark on a major dieting phase, where my goal is to lose approximately 8-10% bodyfat. im just wondering if i should use androsol or mag-10. both have their drawbacks, obviously the price of mag-10, and the inconvinience of spraying androsol on every day. but i just want the best results possible. any help would be appreciated. thanks.

How about MD6 and T2-Pro, the fat burners?

well of course ill be using some thermogenics/fat burning type supplements, thats a given. the reason for the androsol or mag-10 would be to prevent any muscle loss while on the restricted dieting. please fellas, give me some help on this one. thanks.

Depends how long this diet is and the other details. Both mag-10 and androsol need to be cycled so you may not be able to use them for the whole diet. You should really provide better info if you want a good response.

I am using methoxy 7 one serving on a morning, and recently added androsol 35 sprays twice a day. Its working good, I have lost 1 pound lean mass. I am also a fat faster and a meltdowner, and I really think these two programs, a thermo and T2 (and your anabolic of course) is the way to go. i have lost 7 pounds in two weeks (I think the pound of lean mass is water or stored glycogen or something, I cant see it being muscle) Hope this helps.

well im at roughly 20% body fat right now, id like to hit 10-12%. the diet will last however long it takes to reach the given goal. there really is not predetermined lenght. im hoping that i can get it down in 4 weeks. ill be using a hybrid of the fat fast/steroid dieting plans that have been outlined here at T-mag. once again, maintaining muscle mass is the key. if any more info is needed, just ask. thanks.

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You could use finasol as an alternative to MAG 10 if price is a factor. Both ingredients cost less combined than Mag10. However,
1.5 capfuls of Mag 10 is a lot more convenient to take than 70 sprays 2x a day of finasol. price vs convenience.

Off course, tommyboy, that would be illegal. We can’t forget that factor when it comes to finasol.

Finasol is illegal? Damn, I hope my heifers don’t go to jail.

Heb, do your hiefers stand still for the 70 sprays twice a day or do you have to put them in a chute?