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MAG-10 or Androsol/dieting

What would be better to use to preserve mass while dieting – MAG-10 or Androsol. I used Androsol at 70 sprays/once per day for the first 5 or so weeks of my diet and felt I held onto my mass. I stopped it and my legs have begun to really shrink. I was thinking of starting the Androsol back up, or taking 1/2 a serving of MAG-10 a day instead. What would be more effective for mass preservation? Or how about this? 70 sprays of Androsol a day AND 1/2 serving of MAG-10?


bumping it up

Either one should be fine. If you are more severely cutting cals, than a 1/2 serving of MAG-10 would be preferred, but androsol is strong stuff. My personal preference is to use androsol for cutting and MAG-10 for bulking.