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MAG-10 or Alpha Male?

I’m going to try either MAG-10 or Alpha Male for about six weeks. What does everyone recomend? I’m new to the supplement game as far as this angle is concerned. What will one do different from the other? What are the poss. side effects? Thanks all

Good question. I bought some Alpha Male and can’t figure out what the hell it’s actually for. The ad doesn’t say much.

You can’t get MAG-10 anymore as it is illegal. If you have any stockpiled I would save it tell you have reached what you can achieve with other supplements and intelligent training/eating.

You bought Alpha Male and don’t know what it does? Research before you buy. I am a big supporter of Biotest, but I still want to know what I am using, and why.

Now Alpha Male should increase you body’s production of testosterone, and you get the benefits of that increased testosterone. People with naturally high testosterone may not need it, but the average person could probably use it.

I would use Alpha Male before I would use MAG-10, for a few reasons. For example you should not use MAG-10 if you just started lifting last week. It is best if you get your diet and exercise in order, and then add in Alpha Male.

When the gains start to become harder to get, even when you have tweaked your diet and exercise routine, that is the best time to add in MAG-10.

My understanding is the best way to use MAG-10 is to take it for 2 weeks, then either take a month off before usin MAG-10. I think this can be done one more time.g it again, or using something like Alpha Male for 2 weeks, and going another 2 weeks on

Another way is to take the full, 2 times a day dose, for a maximum 4 weeks, and you will really need to use Alpha Male afterwards to get your Testosterone levels back to normal.

Also I would make sure that I was well prepared to have the right diet and exercise routine in place, and there was little chance of anything coming up to interfere with the cycle. This is great stuff, and I would not want to waste it.

Pretty much Alpha Male can be used long term for steady gains, while MAG-10 is for a short quick mass and/or strength gain.

Short and sweet:

Alpha Male is an herbal extract that is supposed to increase your natural testosterone production.

MAG-10 is prohormone that is now illegal and requires more knowledge than it sounds like you have gathered to use. It requires PCT post cycle. If you don’t know what PCT is, you should not be using it.

They’ve recycled the MAG-10 name, and are now selling MAG-10 Avenger in stores.

I don’t know what is in it, but there’s a good bet that the New MAG-10 Avenger is not exactly the stuff of yore.

I’d like to know which MAG-10 the poster is referring to. It could make a difference.

that is most likely what I saw b/c i did just see a bottle of MAG-10 at my local GNC…just one…and it looked dusty