Mag-10 or Alpha Male for dieting?

Greetings T-Nation,
I’m just wondering what you think would be better to use to maintain lean body mass while cutting, alpha male at recommended dosage for 4 weeks -OR- Mag-10 at half dosage (3 caps/day) for four weeks? Any ideas? I’m leaning towards the Mag-10 but I’m not sure that 3 caps per day will be sufficient. What do you think?

I’d actually go with 4-AD-EC.

[quote]ChrisKing wrote:
I’d actually go with 4-AD-EC.[/quote]

Hey, were you that kid who when taking a multiple choice test always wrote in an answer that wasn’t there?

Nah, I’m just busting your chops and I’ll probably consider the 4-AD-EC, but I would like some feedback as to what you guys and gals think would be better given the two choices I listed above…Thanks

I think this topic has been covered a number of times, and the concensus seems to lean toward 4AD-EC for dieting. I think Chris Shugart said something reguarding Mag-10 usage for dieting along the lines of “Why use a sledge hammer to do a job a smaller hammer will do just fine”… Somthin’ like that.

Thanks for the info.