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Mag 10 or 4 AD EC???

Hey guys, I have found a source for getting either Mag 10 or 4 AD EC into Alberta. Anyways the guy is charging me 40$ for the 4 Ad EC and 60$ for the Mag 10. I am going to buy three bottles of one of them. I am on a cutting phase right now, with fairly low calories. (2290 at 190 BW) I was wondering if I would have good results using the 4 AD EC or would it be way more worth it to spend the extra 60$(Really around 100 to me as a canadian) for the Mag 10 or just stick with the 4 AD. I have never used either one and I just want to save money if I can, being a poor student and all. Comments guys???
:slight_smile: Groove

Go with Mag-10. I used 4AD on a severe diet and still lost a small amount of muscle mass