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MAG-10 on Ebay!?


Just crusin around on Ebay and ran across some guy selling 3 unopened bottles of MAG-10. Is this stuff legit? Doesn't eBay regulate this stuff?

See for yourself, just run a search for 'Biotest MAG-10.'

Just wanted your general take on this. Is this common?

By the way, I'll be at the 'Test Fest' this Jan. See you there!



caught my attention, i looked but it's The Avenger, which i believe is kind of a combo of Alpha Male and Methoxy-7, so it's not the REAL MAG-10


Those are the Avenger brand, it is not a prohormone.


I sold 3 bottles of the MAG-10 legacy on ebay while it was still legal to do. Got over $600 for 3 bottles. I bought too much. Wish I could sell the rest.


If no body minds me asking... what is MAG-10? Is it a steroid?

Excuse my ignorance.


Didn't I recently read a post where you went off on someone about their grammar.
No body??
Anyway, you've been around way long enough to know this answer. Makes me wonder why you posted????????????????


... Either or is proper. What's your point?


Beside you being a moronic fool all over this site with each and every post of yours,
I really just had nothing better to do.
I have $200 on Oral Roberts-3 over USC and I'm just waiting for the final so I can call it a night.



Oral Roberts crushed USC. Thanks metro for keeping me awake 'till the end.


Hey pal; I am not the one criticizing someone for improper grammar when I don't even know how to use it myself.


Improper semi-colon

move along little boy