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Mag 10 off period, broken heart


Would be nice if bill roberts could answer this one, along with any support from my Testosterone family. Yesterday was the worst day of my life so far. After giving everything i had, and treating this girl like gold, i'm getting my heart broken because she just doesn't think we "click" anymore...I'm going off mag-10...my appetite is going to be way down for the next couple of days, but i'm going to force myself to eat at least maintanance calories...This is my second Mag-10 cycle, and i've put on roughly 9 lbs this week alone, but i just dont have it in me to give what it takes both in and out of the gym right now...it's 6 o'clock in the morning right now, and i'm havn't been able to sleep at all tonight...needless to say, i'm tired as hell, but i can't fall asleep, she's just consuming all of my thoughts...i thought this girl was the one for me, maybe she still is, i'm not giving up on her, but this is really difficult for me, and i need to take a break from the heavy training, i can't do it when feeling like this..i'm already emotionally drained..so my question...since i've been on for a week, if i take this week off, using tribex and M, if i feel up to it, can i start back up again with another cycle in a week, or should i just take two off?

Thanks, i appreciate everyone of you, you guys are family...and for anyone who thinks i sound like a punk, you don't know what its like to really love somebody and think you're going to spend the rest of your life with them, and then right when your on your mountain peak, you get thrown off the clif. I love her, and this is extremly painful. Thanks again, God bless you all.


Good luck is all I can say. I feel for ya.


tough break... get your head straight... the weights will still be there when youre up for it. Tho throwing some weight around could make you feel better, always works for me. Good luck bro!


Better to have love and lost, then never to have loved at all....? Down the road you may in fact feel this way, but until then my suggestion would be:
If you want this girl back, and feel she's truly the one, DON'T give her any attention. I know it's hard, but show her that she's lost something as well. It's basic human behavior. Perhaps she'll realize that when you're out of sight and she may be out of YOUR mind, she'll reconsider. There's an interesting book out I believe is called "How to get anyone to do anything you want" by an author with the last name of Lieberman, first name may be David. The title sounds manipulative, but in fact it gives great (and often very true) examples of how humans act, and re-act to different situations. You'll learn a great deal even about yourself just reading it.

As for training, I'd personally scale down the weights to a few times a week, not going to failure, and go take some long walks. They'll get you out of the house and allow you time to think while getting in some fitness.
Above all, try to stay realistic. Have you ever broken up with a girl and told her it "just wasn't working" or you "weren't clicking"? Well, what you're feeling now is most likely what she felt. It very well may be your true love is the next one. God's delays, are not always God's denials.


My training partner is going through a divorce, and when he and his wife first split up he hit the gym even harder. He used the gym as his focus for all this feeling and trained like a mad man, putting me to shame. That said, I think I would save the Mag-10 until you can eat well/big enough to do it justice.

I too have the aforemention book, but won't comment here other than to say it is a great book, but probably isn't the right tool to stop the pain. I have a lot to say about getting over situations like this, but I'm afaid it would be off topic. Perhaps if you moved your question to the 'off topic' forum there would be a lot more to say.


Sorry about your situation. For what it's worth, even though your instinct might be to lay off for a while, I always find that keeping up with my workouts really helps me get over low periods.


The retrospect of age and time can profoundly change all of the above. But for now, at this moment, I'm really feeling it on your behalf. Regarding training, there is the option of continuing with your MAG-10 and finishing out the cycle, if for no other reasons than A. guarding against an immediate loss of gains, and B. allowing you to return to the gym perhaps later in the week. That's probably an unthinkable option right now, but I'm not sure what aborting the cycle really gives you, other than perhaps the psychological freedom to do an emotional nosedive. (True, you'll save a half a bottle, but when you do your next cycle, you'll still have to buy another bottle for the second week, and then you'll have ANOTHER half of a bottle left.) You need to grieve -- if you've got a heart at all -- I'm not denying you that. But your assumption that the remaining MAG-10 would be wasted in this scenario might be an overstatement. I honestly do understand that training at anything less than 100% while "on" is a very difficult thing to accept, but I don't know that going off and abandoning the gym is any better. It's your call. God will give you wisdom. By the way, nine pounds in one week is quite good. Please hang in there. You're not alone, and this isn't forever.


joelm. you're big weiner,it's no womder you got dumped. be a T-man not an E-man, go work out and meet someone new.


Thanks to most of you for your support, i really appreciate it. Jetlagger, i'll definatly be taking some walks, should def. help...i started Tribex and M today...I'm not pissed off about something, i'm just broken, so "throwing the weigh around" really won't help me get my aggession out, since i basically have none to get out...i'm trying to be strong tho...going to lay off the training a bit, working each muscle only once this week instead of two, and cut out the drops and supersets i was using on the cycle...i think i should be able to get back to it by monday, if that's an option...thanks for looking out, I still believe in me and her


Man, I had this same problem about three years ago. I was in the marine corps out in 29 palms california and found out that the love of my life had been cheating on me. I too was devestated, but took advantage of my emotions. The next thing i knew i was in the gym like a mad man pissed at the world so i just popped some thermogenics, threw my headphones on and and became one with the weights. Do yourself a favor bro, let her go and let her do her thing. If she is having a change of heart and you do care then you will let her go. If it is meant to be than it will be. Believe me when I say I know how you feel. Ive told others in your situation this and I'll tell you the same. As crazy as it sound it true. THE WEIGHTS WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU, THEY WILL NEVER TURN THEIR BACK ON YOU AND THEY WILL NEVER BE UPSET WITH YOU AND THEY WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN. You've got free time now bro take advantage of it. And whatever you dodon't turn to supplemnts or any type of substance to deal with your pain. Just let time heal all wounds, trust me it will. Good luck man, and keep lifting hard.


Hey "krazzy kathy", go screw yourself, you're probably one of those roided up broads with a six inch clit. Don't listen to this idiot bro, you've got family in this weightlifting community and we got your back.


Thanks Mike, i appreciate your words. I wasn't even paying attention to the immaturity of that other post. I'm just giving her her space and will see what happens. All i can do is just pray that this time off will bring her to the realization that i am what she wants, i believe that will happen, but if not, i'll have to deal with it. I hope to get back to Mag 10 and the heavy stuff next week. I do need the break tho. And whenever Bill R. gets time to visit the forum, will the one week on and one week off be safe? Thanks again everyone, keep it real. much love


Bro, sorry. Same shit happened to me about a year ago. Stay in the gym, trust me. I know its rough. Wish I could help more. F----Krazzy Kathy.


What forum is this anyway? I'm beginning to wonder. 1. "The best revenge is living well." Even if you aren't mad you need to stay in it.
2. Although I'm sympathetic to your plight, I have to tell you, we've all lost someone we thought was special. You will get over it. You can choose how to respond to this. You don't have to walk around like a whipped dog. You can take control of your life and emotions. I promise it is possible. Get up off your ass, go look in the mirror and ask yourself if the person you see looking back at you is the person you want to be. If not, YOU are the only one who can change him. A T-man does something, anything, to change a situation he doesn't like. If what you are doing is right keep doing it. If it's wrong, do something else. But quit being a big ole crying baby and get stronger-emoitonally, physically, and spiritually. And to all those who dissed krazzy kathy, she's just being honest. Girls don't like wimpy teary eyed men. They like strong men who can take care of them.


Once again, i can't respond to idiocy, it's against my nature. I'll let the rest of the "real" T-men who got my back do that.


hey man i'm really sorry to hear about your whole ordeal. i know how bad it hurts to have a broken heart. as much as i love lifting weights and workin out you need to take a break man. the weights will be there when you are right again. good luck with all this. i'll be prayin for you dog.


I'd just go sleep with her sister or best friend...that always made me feel better. The best thing you can do is just leave her alone and if she comes back then so be it. If she doesn't then find another one. There are millions upon millions of women out there..don't get stuck on just one. Keep pounding the weights dude...don't take off just because of a broken heart. I'd take two weeks off the MAG-10. Just up the dosage on the Tribex...hell that stuff works. Good luck.


Joel, I'm sorry this happened to you, and
sure hope things come out better for you soon.

As for your training and whether to use
MAG-10, it would be of benefit even while
not training in this situation... to help
avoid losses. The question is whether that
benefit, which would be significant, would
be worth the money, which depends completely
on your finances and priorities.

Or if you liked the idea of a week off and
a week back on, sure, absolutely it's safe
to do that.

Hope everything works out well soon!


get a hooker..


"You're the man!!!" That's what one of my best friends told me when I was going through the same situation about two years ago. The first day the shit hit the fan, I almost started balling my eyes out right on the floor. I had to go back into the trainers office so I wouldn't make ann ass of myself.

We've all been there, and we're all here for you brother. If she doesn't realize the type of dedicated T-man you are, you can do better. Sometimes it hurts more than the gym, but you have to do some "forced reps" and get through this.