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Mag-10 nutrtion question

Soon I will do a two week cycle of Mag-10 for the first time. I’ve read some articles that say to take in 1000 kcal over maintenance and 2/g/lb bw in protein which would be about 4000 kcal for me and 360 grams protein.

My question is this. Would I be better off consuming 5000 kcal or 6000 kcal and 500-600 grams protein? What is the upper limit to where consuming more would do more harm than good? My goal is to gain as much muscle possible within the two week cycle.

BTW I am 5’10’’ 180 and 8% bf. Thanks for any responses.

Overkill. Also easier said than done. I think Bill Roberts even wrote once that while you do need more cals and protein when “on”, you don’t have to go crazy.

I would say that it depends mostly on the type of training that you do, but I feel that it’s reasonable to kick your kcals up to 5000, especially if fat gain is not an issue. I’ve done two MAG-10 cycles eating 5000+ calories on the Growth Surge Project (2 training sessions daily) that were insanely successful (gained at least 15 lbs both times in 2 weeks). I also did one MAG-10 cycle eating 4000 calories on a strength oriented program of my own design that was not nearly as successful, but helped me to pack on a few pounds and kick up my max lifts.

Why do you think you weren’t as successful on the strenght phase with mag 10? Do you think it was due to reduced caloric intake, or maybe because you were doing less volume in the gym?

I don’t think increasing protein past 2.5 per lb LBM per day would offer any further advantage. For some higher calories beyond a surplus of 1000 per day can be an advantage but for most it is just be turned to fat; or if there were a marginally greater rate of muscle gain, it’s greatly outweighed by the time later spent losing that fat, rather than being able to gain muscle during that time.

I think it was a combination of both factors. Of course not everyone responds to MAG-10 the same way, but I’ve found that it GREATLY enhances my recovery abilities, and I need to fully capitalize on that if I want to get the most out of my cycles.