Mag-10 Newbie...

Im 18, and I’ve been hearing alot about Mag-10, I am on the verge of purchasing it but … I was wondering what are the side effects, what should I stack it with, whats the best way to take it, and any other basic information you could tell me. If someone could let me know or direct me to an article or previous post I’d really appreciate it

What are your stats?


6’ 175 i dont know my body fat relatively low though

I would try a bulking diet, keeping track of your calories and lifting hard and heavy.

At 18 you really don’t need Mag-10. I’m 20, and I remember what it was like to be 17-18 trying to get HYOOOOGE.

I know people have probably told you this, and you might already know it, but there is no pill that will make you big and strong. It takes a lot of hard work to get big and strong. Save your money on the Mag-10 and buy 2-3 tubs of Surge!. Take it religiously post-workout. Buy and eat a lot of clean quality foods.

At this age, we have a ton of natural testosterone. Use it!

RIT Jared

You may have to check, but I was under the impression that MAG-10 has been discontinued. Do to congress thinking it is too much like a steroid.

I took 1/2 serving a day for 2 weeks straight. The max is 12 pills a day, I took 3. I ate like a horse and worked out hard for 2 weeks. To the point where I was overreaching, or slightly overtraining on purpose. I put on about 10 lbs in that 2 weeks, most of it muscle. I was very impressed with the results, but starting at 180 I was eating 3000 to 3500 calories of clean food per day. On a diet like that one can gain some muscle without the use of MAG-10.

If you do get some I would not worry about combining anything except maybe creatine. Using most of the other legal testosterone boosting supplements out there would be a waste in my opinion, and in fact that question has been asked on this website and that was the answer given by T-nation.

They compared other boosters to like a 20 Ton atom bomb, and MAG-10 a 50 ton.