MAG-10: New Taste

A while back there was a thread about the taste of MAG-10, which has changed a couple of times. A little history: Tim asked T-mag readers if he should release MAG-10 before the flavoring was perfected and the feedback was overwhelmingly YES! (The formula was right on target but the flavoring was lacking. In short, it’s tough to make this stuff taste good.) So he released it; the results were great, but the flavor was not, at least in many peoples opinion.

Anyway, in that MAG-10 flavor thread I said that there was one VERY strong batch and that you could mix it with a shake or water if you didn’t like the flavor. (You didn’t and still don’t have to hold it under your tongue.) Then I said that Biotest is working on a new flavor.

Well, I just started a new cycle with the newest bottle of MAG-10 I've received and the flavor has been improved dramatically. The newer bottles taste like cinnamon Red Hots (very good!) and the liquid isn't clear any more. MAG-10 has also lost most of the "burn" and "spice" that went along with it. I take mine straight again with my trusty oral syringe. I believe that the flavor will improve even more in the future.

Just wanted to pass that along. If you have any further questions, I'm not the best guy to answer them, but you can call 800-525-1940 or write and they'll help you out.

What about a new 4-AD-EC flavor? Its pretty nasty. But I do find it hard to really complain considering the amount of the stuff that you actually had to take. If Grow! tasted this bad, it would reason for concern, but I don’t think Mag-10 or 4-AD-EC taste is big problem, considering the efficacy of the product.

Thanks for the info Chris! I never minded the taste because the results were so good, but now that it taste good too that’s just icing on the cake!

The bottles I have of Mag-10 taste worst than hydrolyzed protein straight from the Protein Factory. Look forward to trying the new stuff (cinnamon was a good choice to help disguise the burning sensation that inevitably accompanies 1-test products).

Keep improving. The first batch made me want to puke. This most recent flavor is tolerable, but I don’t really like peppermint (I got sick off of schnapps when I was 20). I hope this new flavor is even better.


Hey Chris (or anyone else for that matter),

Is there a certain place you can buy an oral syringe? I was looking into getting something like that to make it easier in measuring out doses. Any response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Any drug store or Walmart should have them handy.