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MAG-10 Mixing?


So i just got my order in for the Plazma super stack and starting today i had two MAG-10 pulses. for them i used the 1000ml nalgene. my only issue is the foaming, it says it should clear in 60 seconds, but i waited a few minutes and the thing is still FULL of foam, thats with 2 scoops at 500ml of water. anyone have any ideas of what i should do?? thanks


are you supposed to pre mix it and wait a few hours for it to clear completely before you drink it?


you don’t really have to go all out hardcore shaking when you are mixing it.


Never had a problem. I usually mix 2 scoops in 300ml of water in a 500ml shaker or Nalgene, shake it a couple of times, leave for a couple of minutes and by the time I get back to it most or all of the foam is gone.


Maybe I’m just shaking too vigorously


I mix mine the day before. I read it is good for up to 24 hours. This way there is no foam and it saves me the short time to make one.
Also I can take it with me on the go if I so desire to have it fit into my day when I am away from home.
Mixes great, and tastes great!!