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MAG-10 Mini Pulse Fasts?


im having a little bit of trouble with my diet because of my work schedule as of late. at the moment i work midnights(11p-7A). i honestly cant sleep very much during the day and im cutting right now so im up a long time on some days. i only eat 5 meals a day plus PWO, so on days that i work its hard to go along time without food so i came up with the idea of having a "mini" pulse fast.

has anyone ever tried a mini pulse fast a few days a week that is 11 hours long with 4 pulses within those hours? these would be my late morning hours on days that i work from 10pm-7am since my last meal on those days would be at 8pm.


These nicknames are hilarious. I am not sure what a "pulse fast" really entails...but I do know I lost a good deal of fat drinking the MAG-10 during the day at work with only one solid meal between 8am and sometimes as late as 7 or 8pm.

I consider more as "muscle insurance" than some special protocol as if I MUST drink it at certain times.


wouldn't it aid fat loss? i thought about spreading Metabolic Drive Low Carb in those hours but im thinking MAG-10 would be better. i have never tried MAG-10


It aided in keeping muscle mass while dieting and going longer periods without meals.


do you think it has the metabolic effect on fat burning that is described in the article for the pulse fast?


how many scoops of MAG-10 did you consume in this time period? i have decided to spread out 4 scoops of MAG-10 evenly from 10pm-7am. would there be any benefit of downing a scoop of low carb MD 30 minutes after every scoop? would it help fat burning a little bit?


I think providing your body with a constant supply of protein all day long with minimal calories and low to zero carb is going to affect the rate of fat loss in itself. I wouldn't look at it as if the protein itself is burning the fat for you.


I mix about 10 scoops in a gallon and drink that throughout the day. I may only get half of that down in those hours most days. I would drink the rest until I go to sleep.


so whats all this "anabolic-thermogenic" stuff that MAG-10 is supposed to induce? technically i would be providing myself with protein all day long. i would eat 4 solid meals from waking up at 8am up until 8pm, then i would be taking the MAG-10.



dude, I don't even read the articles here so I don't know what you are talking about. I also don't know why you are acting like ads make the supplement magic.

Not eating many calories or carbs for hours straight but getting fast acting protein into your body could be seen as "thermogenic" assuming you were eating less overall calories. You could also call that type of protein "anabolic". What is the issue?


wow really? so do you just take supps based on what?



Based on my formal understanding of biology and my goals.

What do you base it on? Ads?

Bad choice.