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Mag 10 / Methoxy cycle ?

Woulod anyone know if it is safe and productive to combine Methoxy 7 and Mag 10 during the Mag 10 2 week cycle ?

One shouls increase mass while the other potentoiates this increase in addition to adding hardness and fat loss… right ?

Has anyone had any luck on this stack ?



Theoretically, Methoxy-7 could help, but MAG-10 is so potent, I don’t think you need Methoxy-7 during the 2 week cycle. IMO, it is best to use it between cycles to help with LBM preservation and fat loss.


I think I saw somewhere on Biotest’s website (or this one) that adding Methoxy-7 to your Mag-10 cycle would be worth doing. I have one more Mag-10 cycle to do (I’ve done 2 already), and I’m going to add Methoxy-7 this third time.

After gaining nearly 30 pounds with Biotest’s products, I’m not concerned with adding a whole lot more mass, but I would like to just add pure muscle at this point, even if it is only a few pounds.