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mag-10 mega cycle

A friend of mine plans to use 3-4 full doses of Mag-10 per day for 8-10 weeks. He thinks that this would give him the results in LBM as a gramabol cycle using testosterone. I told him that he is wasting alot of money and that the body could probably only be able to handle 2 doses per day at most. Who is right? If money is no object would this type of use give much greater results?

No. I am sure there would be no perceptible
extra results from four doses per day as from two. It would be inadvisable.

Two doses per day definitely provide effect
in line with what he says he’s looking for, and for that matter chances are quite good
he’d think that one dose did also. Four doses
could only increase side effects, not results
in my opinion.

Brock Strasser what is your opinion?