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Mag 10 Mag 10 Mag 10

Can I shoot some Q’s about this at those here who have tried and use it?

  1. Where’s the cheapest place to buy from? I know this is a dodge question cos this site sells it, but it doesnt matter where I buy from cos it’s still supplied from this co. so I’m still supporting. I found nutrition slightly cheaper than here but I think it was the older Mag 10.

  2. Have any of you who have used it experienced any of the side effects such as in the info. sheet? Sshhh that bugged me. Acne? No thanks man. Anybody noticed this change in them?

  3. And how exactly does this stuff make hooj? I know how ripping and chugging protein n carbs works, but can a layman understand Mag 10?

i will shoot some more later thanks…

  1. Massnutrition is the cheapest I’ve found it.

  2. I’ve never experienced any negative side effects.

  3. Read Something Bad This Way Comes in issues 272 and 273.

Dude, you’re gonna get flamed to hell if you ask questions like that without looking in the forums first. There are a TON of old posts with this info. Just use the search engine. BTW, where are you in Korea? I’m here too, in Anyang.

I bought some a couple months ago befor the sale here from nettrition for a fairly good price.

As for the acne. If you are worried just take some preventive measures, use stridex pads or other acne preventative.

Eat large, train even harder, you can expect great recovery and exceptional gain if you give it your all.


How old are you?

massnutrition is not the cheapest by far. Just go to yahoo stores and type in Mag-10 caps, sort by lowest price. Take this price to easyprice match.


You can get Mag 10, tribex, and M (plan for success) for $104.00

When t-mag does a buy two get two free deal, then this is the best place to buy it. They’ve only done that once though. Right now it’s buy 2 get 1 free. netrition is also good. Some places are cheap but you’re getting the old formula. Still good stuff, just read the fine print.

dpsnutrition…Biotest Plan for success is 94 bucks - you paid too much. Used this Co. for about 5 years now and very happy with their service.