MAG-10 made me a believer

I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t experienced it myself. I’ve been pulsing Mag-10 on and off for years, and my gains have been nothing short of amazing.

While I’m no longer trying to be the biggest guy in the gym, I still want to quickly drop fat while gaining strength and muscle, blast through bike trails, and keep up with college hockey players (I’m 38).

And for those trying to be the biggest guy in the gym, Mag-10 will help you get there.

The simplicity of relying on Mag-10 post-workout, between meals, and pre-bed has relieved me of most of the heavy lifting regarding meal planning and prepping. If I get my Mag-10 in, I’m good to go.

Mag-10 has allowed me to progress more than I thought I could, especially as I have gotten older.


Happy to answer any questions about Mag-10 protocols, use, etc!

Hey man, I’d love to hear more!

I’m slightly longer in the tooth than you, and the last couple years have been noticeable in terms of body composition difficulty.

Anyway, Mag-10 may be the only Biotest product I haven’t tried, and it’s because I don’t really understand where it fits.

Surge Workout Fuel (and Plazma and even Anaconda before it) were super clear, and I notice the difference in my workouts.
I could always drink Metabolic Drive post-lift, because I started in the 90s and that’s how we did it, and then trying the Velocity Diet opened my eyes to using it as a meal replacement.
Then I slot in the various health boosts based on my bloodwork/ gaps (ZMA, Flameout, etc.).

Mag-10 is the one I just haven’t “got;” how do I use it to be awesomer?


Intravenously :wink:


It’s not like this is a bad plan! Especially since we’re not talking about the flavors of the 90s. Not even nostalgia is going to help with that.

The best place to start with Mag-10 is that above mentioned post-workout period. While Metabolic Drive is great, Mag-10 will kick up the protein synthesis significantly to further jumpstart recovery and growth. I have a serving 45 minutes to an hour post-workout.

Beyond post-workout, I really like Mag-10 between meals. As I’ve moved further from the days of eating a meal every two to three hours, a Mag-10 pulse slotted between those meals is ideal. You’re breaking out of that lull with another shot of protein synthesis.

There’s also a less-than-tangible factor when using Mag-10 that I can’t put my finger on. I just feel better when pulsing. Maybe we’ll call that the “more awesomer” part.

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Yeah, no! Let’s not do that.

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@Matthew_Weeldreyer the label is intriguing: full of electrolytes and cyclic dextrin. You ever see yourself using this in lieu of Surge Workout Fuel in a fat loss phase?

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I haven’t really considered it before, but I’m a big proponent of keeping carbs during training even when in a fat loss phase.

But I could see Mag-10 being beneficial during training for those that either need to remove carbs from their workout nutrition to reach their fat loss goals or during the end where those last five pounds just won’t go.

I do like Mag-10 prior to intervals and other more demanding cardio, though.

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As a “coach” do you get it free, or discounted? If so, how much discount?

Big fan of MAG-10. And honestly, it wasn’t until I started using it every day that I really noticed how much of a fan I was…if that makes sense.


While I can’t give specifics, Biotest does allow me to receive discounted products. At the same time, I’ve been purchasing from Biotest since at least 2004 – heck, probably before that – and I’ve spent plenty over that time (enough to buy a nice car).


How much do you spend a month on Mag-10 to get max benefits?

I’m considering buying 4 bags and drinking it like crazy while training hard and tracking total calories and protein just to see what happens…

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In the past when I did a more pulse feast approach, I would have a Mag-10 pulse every two to three hours with a solid meal for dinner (and workout nutrition, of course). That was like four to six pulses a day. This worked very well when life was unbelievably busy or I wanted to drop as much as possible as quickly as possible.

Now, my more realistic and sustainable approach these days is two to three Mag-10 pulses a day. Typically one post-workout, one in the afternoon, and possibly one in the evening/before bed.

My day looks something like this:

  • Workout in the morning with Surge Workout Fuel
  • Mag-10 after training
  • Metabolic Drive shake and some nuts/fruit
  • Mag-10 in the afternoon
  • Dinner with the family
  • Mag-10 or Metabolic Drive with Greek yogurt, coconut oil, and dark chocolate (depending on the day)

On non-training days, I’ll usually have eggs, etc for breakfast followed by a similar schedule.

Now, if I’m going trail riding or I have a hockey game, things get really interesting.


Psst, Mag-10 is 50% off right now.

If you’re curious, now’s the time to get in on Mag-10. You’re never going to find a better price.

Mag-10 Flash Sale

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I really liked Mag-10 and it was perfect for me post workout. I stopped using it when the price got too high for me.

At this price I immediately went to the store and bought 4 bags!!

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I’ll have to try it - from the name, I thought it was just a magnesium supplement. Looking to maximize strength gains and recovery at age 47.


any idea when it will be back in stock? I was hoping to get some at the discounted price

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We’re spray-drying our liquid flavors and incorporating them into the MAG-10 powder, so we’ll no longer need liquid flavors. The new berry and lemon MAG-10 should be ready by April - hopefully sooner.


Well, this is an unbelievably cool development!

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