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MAG-10 Macronutrient percentages

Hi guys. I was wondering if anyone had tips for macronutrient %'s during a MAG-10 cycle. I’m currently doing the growth surge project, just starting phase II. I’ve aimed for 30-40%P,20-30%F,40-50%C (at least 1.5g/lb P, prob. more), but I’ve heard it’s not a bad idea to lower F for MAG-10 cycles. Any suggestions?

Hey, there, Bob. I approach it a little differently, but this should still help.

  • Except for your fish oil & EFAs, keep fat as low as possible. All meat should be low-fat, lean cuts.

  • Protein intake should be 2g x TBW (Total Body Weight).

  • Carb intake should be 2g x TBW if you want to put on a little muscle and drop a little bit of fat at the same time. If pure mass/size is the goal, and you don’t mind putting on a little fat too (or if you have an exceedingly fast metabolism), use 3g x TBW.

Carbs should be of the low-fiber, starchy variety. Save the green veggies with the higher fiber for your off/recovery cycle, where you should be taking in less calories and carbs anyway.

Thanks TT. My plan to keep fat at about 20% or just under jives with what you said…so we’ll see how it goes! Now I just have to convince my stomach it wants all this food… (6100 kcal!!!)

Bob I have tried it both ways. The first being like you have laid out, the second being as TT stated with fat as low as possible except my EFA’s, and dramatcially increasing carbs.

To make a long story short, the LBM gains were near identicle, but the fat gain was off the charts different.

During the low fat high carb approach I put on almost no FAT, and during the other I added about 8 LBS of blubber with the KBM increase.

Yes the k/cal increase was the same for each also.

Hope that helps abnd good luck, post your results.