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Man this stack rocks. I take 3 caps Mag-10 when I wake up another 3 eight hours later and then one 10mg M1T cap when I go to bed.
I sleep good at night and I am full of energy and strength all day long. I have noticed that I feel a little warm all of the time and sweet like a beast when I workout but I usually do anyway.
The only time I felt tired was about 2hrs after the first 3 caps of Mag10, I took a 30min nap and haven’t felt tired at all in the last 5 days any time besides right before bed.

Current stats:
Last 5 days I have reckless about calories as long as I went over 200 on protien I was ok. Now I will go closer to 250+ protien, -200 carbs, and around 60 fat. I will keep at this till the Mag-10 bottle is gone then I will stay with the M1t and add in 6-oxo, Alpha Male, and M.
Tomorrow will start doing fasted state cardio every other day when I wake and then get some grow and food in me and head to the gym.
Thanks for any comments, sorry if I rambled on too long.

Some people, myself included, get really lethargic when on M1T. Last time I took M1T I slept about twelve hours a day. I woke up to eat and work out, then it was back to sleep.

Supposedly 4 AD-EC combats the lethargy. Just wondering if taking Mag 10 also does this.


Paul, I have used 4AD before with M1T and for me it did absolutly nothing. Although I had little lethargy on M1T the only thing that helped before was caffine. This time Mag-10 rocks me world while I’m awake and at night the M1T helps me sleep and recover.
So yes for the Mag-10 helps emensely with the sides from the M1T.

Well for one thing Mag-10 contains 4ad. How were you taking the 4ad on your other cycle? Orally/transdermal? Dosage? It could simply be the fact that the Mag-10 contains more 4ad then you tried before. Or if you were taking it orally before, maybe the delivery system is better in the mag-10. Either way I’m glad this combo is working for you and not making you more lethargic with the added 1-test.

If I were to take both the M1T and the Mag- 10 together, would I take the M1T in the evening/before bed and the Mag-10 in the morning/during the day?


JJ- when I first took tried the 4AD, with the M1T it was in a pill form and I was taking 450mg a day (more than doulbe what is in 1 dose of Mag-10 I think) but, like you the it was probably the delivery system that was at fault.

Paul- I already posted the way I split the doses and you can take them in what ever way best suits you but, I would suggest taking them both sepperatly first to see how you handle them.

I am now almost done with the bottle of Mag-10 and will add in alpha-male as soon as the bottle runs dry. Last night I started taking anti-e’s.

Current stats
I am up to 184 and have lost some body fat says the mirror. I know that 2lbs is nothing but, I am only trying to gain lean mass and I seem to be doing just fine at that. I will post pics when Im all done.
Work outs are still killer and people have actually told me I look bigger with out me saying anything to them about the gym or working out or anything. By the way I love hearing that stuff. Thats all for now DA